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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 In 2018, your past will un­dergo trans­for­ma­tion. Your mem­o­ries will re­vise and re­ar­range them­selves. By­gone events that seemed com­plete and de­fin­i­tive will shimmy and shift, re­quir­ing new in­ter­pre­ta­tions. The sto­ries you have al­ways told about how you be­came who you are will have to be edited, per­haps even rewrit­ten. While these over­hauls may some­times be dis­con­cert­ing, they will ul­ti­mately be lib­er­at­ing.

TAURUS Apr 20 | May 20 In 2018, peo­ple will be drawn to you even more than usual. Some will want you to be their rock – their steady, sta­ble source of prac­ti­cal truth. Some will ask you to be their tonic – their reg­u­lar, restora­tive dose of nonon­sense. And oth­ers will find in you a cre­ative cat­a­lyst that helps them get out of their ruts and into their grooves. And what will you re­ceive in re­turn for pro­vid­ing such a stel­lar ser­vice? First, there’ll be many op­por­tu­ni­ties to deepen and re­fine your in­tegrity. To wield that much in­flu­ence means you’ll have to con­sis­tently act with high- minded mo­ti­va­tions. And se­condly, Taurus, you’ll get a steady sup­ply of ap­pre­ci­a­tion that will prove to be use­ful as well as grat­i­fy­ing.

GEMINI May 21 | Jun 20 In­flu­ences that op­pose you will fade as 2018 un­folds. Peo­ple who have been re­sis­tant and un­co­op­er­a­tive will at least par­tially dis­en­gage. To ex­pe­dite the di­min­ish­ing ef­fects of these in­flu­ences and peo­ple, avoid strug­gling with them. Loosen the grip they have on your imag­i­na­tion. Any time they leak into your field of aware­ness, turn your at­ten­tion in­stead to an in­flu­ence or per­son that helps and sup­ports you. Here’s an­other idea about how to col­lab­o­rate with the cos­mic rhythms to re­duce the con­flict in your life: Elim­i­nate any un­con­scious need you might have for the per­versely in­vig­o­rat­ing en­ergy pro­vided by ad­ver­saries and buga­boos. Find pos­i­tive new ways to mo­ti­vate your­self.

CAN­CER Jun 21 | Jul 22 I pre­dict that in 2018 you will fig­ure out how to get your ob­ses­sions to con­sis­tently work for your great­est good. You will come to un­der­stand what you must do to en­sure they never drag you down into manic self­s­ab­o­tage. The res­o­lute in­ge­nu­ity you sum­mon to ac­com­plish this heroic feat will change you for­ever. You will be re­born into a more vi­brant ver­sion of your life. Pas­sions that in the past have drained and con­fused you will be­come ef­fi­cient sources of fuel for your wor­thi­est dreams.

LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 Just be­cause you have be­come ac­cus­tomed to a cer­tain trou­ble doesn’t mean you should stop search­ing for re­lief from that trou­ble. Just be­cause a cer­tain pain no longer knocks you into a de­mor­al­ized daze for days at a time doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Now here’s the good news: in 2018, you can fi­nally track down the prac­ti­cal magic nec­es­sary to ac­com­plish a thor­ough heal­ing of that trou­ble and pain. Make this the year you find a more ul­ti­mate cure.

VIRGO Aug 23 | Sep 22 Have you ever nursed a yearn­ing to speak Swahili or Chi­nese or Rus­sian? The com­ing months will be an ex­cel­lent time to get that project un­der­way. Do you fan­ta­size about try­ing ex­otic cuisines and find­ing new favourite foods? I in­vite you to act on that fan­tasy in 2018. Is there a form of man­ual labour that would be tonic for your men­tal and phys­i­cal health? Life is giv­ing you a goa­head to do more of it. Is there a hand­i­craft or ball game you’d like to be­come more skilled at? Get started. Is there a new trick you’d like to learn to do with your mouth or hands? Now’s the time.

LIBRA Sep 23 | Oct 22 Be­fore the 15th cen­tury, Euro­pean na­tions con­fined their sail­ing to the Mediter­ranean Sea. The ocean was too rough for their frag­ile, un­adapt­able ships. But around 1450, the Por­tuguese de­vel­oped a new kind of ves­sel, the car­avel. It em­ployed a tri­an­gu­lar sail that en­abled it to travel against the wind. Soon, ex­ploratory mis­sions ven­tured into the open sea and down along the coast of West Africa. Even­tu­ally, this new tech­nol­ogy en­abled long west­ward trips across the At­lantic. I pro­pose that we make the car­avel your sym­bol of power for 2018, Libra. Ac­cord­ing to my read­ing of the as­tro­log­i­cal omens, you will find or cre­ate a re­source that en­ables you to do the metaphor­i­cal equiv­a­lent of ef­fec­tively sail­ing into the wind.

SCOR­PIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 The Aztecs were orig­i­nally wan­der­ers. They kept mov­ing from place to place, set­tling tem­po­rar­ily in ar­eas through­out the land we now call Mex­ico. An old prophecy told them that they would even­tu­ally find a per­ma­nent home at a site where they saw an ea­gle roost­ing on a cac­tus as it clutched a snake in its talons. There came a day in the 14th cen­tury when mem­bers of the tribe spied this very scene on an is­land in the mid­dle of a lake. That’s where they be­gan to build the city that in time was the cen­tre of their em­pire. I bring this to your at­ten­tion, Scor­pio, so it can serve as a metaphor to guide you in 2018. I sus­pect that you, too, will dis­cover your fu­ture power spot – the heart of your do­main for years to come.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 | Dec 21 Not ev­ery minute of ev­ery day, but when you have had the time, you’ve been search­ing for a cer­tain trea­sure. With pa­tience and persistence, you have nar­rowed down its where­abouts by col­lect­ing clues and fol­low­ing your in­tu­ition. Now, at last, you know its ex­act lo­ca­tion. As you ar­rive, ready to claim it, you trem­ble with an­tic­i­pa­tion. But when you peel away the se­crets in which it has been wrapped, you see that it’s not ex­actly what you ex­pected. Your first re­sponse is dis­ap­point­ment. Nev­er­the­less, you de­cide to abide in the pres­ence of the con­fus­ing bless­ing and see what hap­pens. Slowly, in­cre­men­tally, you be­come aware of a new pos­si­bil­ity: that you’re not quite ready to un­der­stand and use the trea­sure; that you’ll have to grow new ca­pac­i­ties be­fore you’ll be ready for it in its full­ness. CAPRICORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 Soul­ful beauty will be a ma­jor theme for you in 2018. Or at least it should be. But I sup­pose it’s pos­si­ble you’re not very in­ter­ested in soul­ful beauty, per­haps even bored by it. Maybe you pre­fer skin- deep beauty or ex­pen­sive beauty or glam­orous beauty. If you choose to fol­low predilec­tions like those, you’ll lose out on tremen­dous op­por­tu­ni­ties to grow wilder and wiser. But let’s hope you make your­self avail­able for a deeper, more provoca­tive kind of beauty – a beauty that you could be­come more skilled at de­tect­ing as the year un­folds. AQUARIUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 “Let your freak flag fly” was an ex­pres­sion that arose from the hip­pie cul­ture of the 1960s and 1970s. It was a colour­ful way to say, “Be your most unique and ec­cen­tric self; show off your idio­syn­cra­sies with un­in­hib­ited pride.” I pro­pose that we re­vive it for your use in 2018. I sus­pect the com­ing months will be a favourable time for you to cul­ti­vate your quirks and trust your un­usual im­pulses. You should give your­self max­i­mum free­dom to ex­plore pi­o­neer­ing ideas and mav­er­ick in­cli­na­tions. Para­dox­i­cally, do­ing so will lead to sta­bi­liz­ing and en­dur­ing im­prove­ments in your life. PISCES Feb 19 | Mar 20 In ac­cor­dance with the as­tro­log­i­cal omens, I sug­gest you start com­pil­ing a list en­ti­tled, “Peo­ple, Places, Ideas, and Things I Didn’t Re­al­ize Un­til Now That I Could Fall in Love With.” And then keep ad­ding more and more items to this tally dur­ing the next 10 months. To get the project un­der­way in the proper spirit, you should wan­der freely and ex­plore jaun­tily, giv­ing your­self per­mis­sion to in­sti­gate in­ter­est­ing mis­chief and brush up against deluxe temp­ta­tions. For best re­sults, open your heart and your eyes as wide as you can. One fur­ther clue: act on the as­sump­tion that in 2018 you will be re­cep­tive to in­spi­ra­tional in­flu­ences and life- trans­form­ing teach­ings that you have never be­fore been aware of.

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