Doug Ford turns sex-ed trick

The Premier’s sex-ed snitch line cre­ates a use­ful cri­sis for the PC gov­ern­ment


The irony – and hypocrisy – may have es­caped Premier Doug Ford and his peo­ple when he an­nounced last week that the prov­ince is set­ting up a snitch line so that any teacher who ac­tu­ally tries to help their stu­dents by teach­ing the mod­ern sexed cur­ricu­lum brought in un­der the pre­vi­ous Lib­eral gov­ern­ment could be re­ported and, pre­sum­ably, sus­pended.

Ford said, “We will not tol­er­ate any­body us­ing our chil­dren as pawns for grand­stand­ing and po­lit­i­cal games.”

Now ev­ery par­ent or guardian who has a prob­lem with what their chil­dren are learn­ing about sex can scream down the phone at, to quote one an­ti­sex-ed ac­tivist, “the sa­tanic ho­mo­sex­ual evil that is de­stroy­ing our chil­dren and their eter­nal souls.” Should be great fun be­ing a phone op­er­a­tor on the other end of those calls!

The snitch line re­sem­bles the fed­eral Con­ser­va­tives’ 2015 elec­tion move to set up a “bar­baric cul­tural prac­tices” hot­line, which was sim­ply a badly dis­guised at­tack on Mus­lims. But the re­search within con­ser­va­tive ranks showed that it res­onated with the pop­ulist right, the very peo­ple Ford con­sid­ers his own. That mat­ters in the dark world of Ford.

While Ford’s sex-ed snitch line will no doubt be used anony­mously by big­ots, it’s in­tended for an­other pur­pose: to cre­ate a “use­ful cri­sis” in the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem, like the PC gov­ern­ment of Mike Har­ris did in 1995. Back then, ed­u­ca­tion min­is­ter John Sno­be­len was fa­mously cap­tured on video say­ing he needed to “bank­rupt” the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem to jus­tify, among other ini­tia­tives, the gov­ern­ment’s rote learn­ing cur­ricu­lum.

The sex-ed snitch line is Sno­be­len redux.

Ford and his back­room peo­ple know that they can’t do much to pre­vent mod­ern sex-ed be­ing taught. Teach­ers are not em­ployed di­rectly by the provin­cial gov­ern­ment, and school boards, teacher’s unions and se­nior staff are over­whelm­ingly sup­port­ive of a cur­ricu­lum that has now been in place for three years. A num­ber of boards have al­ready said they in­tend to con­tinue

to teach the up­dated cur­ricu­lum.

But the gov­ern­ment can cre­ate con­fu­sion, low morale and chaos. Ford’s base is tra­di­tion­ally anti-teacher and anti-union, and any con­flict will play to the gov­ern­ment’s ad­van­tage.

Hence, the pro­pa­ganda about the cur­ricu­lum, which is ut­ter non­sense. It does not “teach” anal sex or any other form of in­ter­course, and its cen­tral themes are the need for con­sent, safety, self-worth and knowl­edge. It also af­firms, thank good­ness, the en­tirely nor­mal and main­stream na­ture of LGBTQ re­la­tion­ships. In many ways, in fact, it is blandly ortho­dox.

But a group of zealots from the fringes of the Ro­man Catholic and evan­gel­i­cal churches grabbed the is­sue and man­aged to con­vince some in the Mus­lim and Sikh com­mu­ni­ties that hell was on their doorstep. At the heart of all this was a colos­sal dose of ho­mo­pho­bia.

Ford owes these peo­ple. He re­ceived their vote for leader, but then his ed­u­ca­tion min­is­ter waf­fled on the is­sue. This re­sulted in a storm of emails and calls from so­cial con­ser­va­tives, who are well or­ga­nized, and Ford was then told by his staff that he had to act.

Con­se­quently, the snitch line, which is mostly a pub­lic­ity stunt. It’s not the last such ob­scen­ity that we will see from an ad­min­is­tra­tion that gov­erns by op­tics more than pol­icy.

Mean­while, a grand jury in Penn­syl­va­nia re­vealed last week that over sev­eral decades, more than 300 Ro­man Catholic priests had raped a thou­sand – and likely more – chil­dren, in­flict­ing the most grotesque forms of sex­ual sadism on them. One of the main rea­sons this went un­re­ported for so long was that the vic­tims were ig­no­rant of what was ac­tu­ally hap­pen­ing, un­able to name body parts and un­sure of what a per­son in au­thor­ity was al­lowed to do to them.

It’s mostly a pub­lic­ity stunt, but it won’t be the last such ob­scen­ity we’ll see from an ad­min­is­tra­tion that gov­erns by op­tics.

In the dark world of Doug Ford, play­ing to the pop­ulist base in PC ranks is im­por­tant.

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