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ARIES Mar 21 | Apr 19 In Alice’s Ad­ven­tures In Won­der­land, our heroine en­coun­ters a talk­ing cater­pil­lar as he smokes a hookah on top of a tall mush­room. “Who are you?” he asks her. Alice is hon­est: “I know who I was when I got up this morn­ing, but I think I must have been changed sev­eral times since then.” She says this with un­easi­ness. In the last few hours, she has twice been shrunken down to a tiny size and twice grown as big as a gi­ant. All these trans­for­ma­tions have un­nerved her. In con­trast to Alice, I’m hop­ing you’ll have a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude about your up­com­ing shifts and mu­ta­tions, Aries. From what I can tell, your jour­ney through the Sea­son of Me­ta­mor­pho­sis should be mostly fun and ed­u­ca­tional. TAURUS Apr 20 | May 20 Juan Vil­lar­ino has hitch­hiked over 2,350 times in 90 coun­tries. His free rides have car­ried him over 100,000 miles. He has kept de­tailed records, so he’s able to say with con­fi­dence that Iraq is the best place to catch a lift. Av­er­age wait time there is seven min­utes. Jor­dan and Ro­ma­nia are good, too, with nine- and 12- minute waits, re­spec­tively. In telling you about his suc­cess, I don’t mean to sug­gest that now is a favourable time to hitch­hike. But I do want you to know that the com­ing weeks will be prime time to so­licit favours, gar­ner gifts and make your­self avail­able for metaphor­i­cal equiv­a­lents of free rides. You’re ex­tra mag­netic and at­trac­tive. How could any­one could re­sist pro­vid­ing you with the bless­ings you need and de­serve? GEMINI May 21 | Jun 20 One of the big sto­ries of 2018 con­cerns your ef­fort to es­cape from a star- crossed trick of fate – to fix a long- run­ning tweak that has sub­tly un­der­mined your lust for life. How suc­cess­ful will you be in this heroic quest? That will hinge in part on your faith in the new power you’ve been de­vel­op­ing. An­other fac­tor that will de­ter­mine the out­come is your abil­ity to iden­tify and gain ac­cess to a re­source that is vir­tu­ally mag­i­cal even though it ap­pears non­de­script. I bring this to your at­ten­tion, Gemini, be­cause I sus­pect that a key plot twist in this story will soon un­fold. CAN­CER Jun 21 | Jul 22 Po­ten­tial new al­lies are seek­ing en­trance to your do­main. Ex­ist­ing al­lies aspire to be closer to you. I’m wor­ried you may be a bit over­whelmed; that you might not ex­er­cise suf­fi­cient dis­crim­i­na­tion. I there­fore urge you to ask your­self these ques­tions about each can­di­date. 1. Does this per­son un­der­stand what it means to re­spect your bound­aries? 2. What are his or her mo­ti­va­tions for want­ing con­tact with you? 3. Do you truly value and need the gifts each per­son has to give you? 4. Every­one in the world has a dark side. Can you in­tuit the na­ture of each per­son’s dark side? Is it tol­er­a­ble? Is it in­ter­est­ing? LEO Jul 23 | Aug 22 While a young man, the fu­ture Ro­man leader Julius Cae­sar was kid­napped by Si­cil­ian pi­rates. They pro­posed a ransom of 620 kilo­grams of sil­ver. Cae­sar was in­censed at the small size of the ransom – he be­lieved he was worth more – and de­manded that his cap­tors raise the sum to 1,550 kilo­grams. I’d love to see you un­leash that kind of bravado in the com­ing weeks, Leo – prefer­ably without get­ting your­self kid­napped. In my opin­ion, it’s cru­cial that you know how valu­able you are, and make sure every­one else knows, as well. VIRGO Aug 23 | Sep 22 Ro­ma­nian philoso­pher Emil Cio­ran loved the mu­sic of Jo­hann Se­bas­tian Bach. “Without Bach, God would be a com­plete sec­ond- rate fig­ure,” he tes­ti­fied, adding, “Bach’s mu­sic is the only ar­gu­ment prov­ing the cre­ation of the Uni­verse can­not be re­garded as a com­plete fail­ure.” I in­vite you to em­u­late Cio­ran’s pas­sion­ate clar­ity, Virgo. From an as­tro­log­i­cal per­spec­tive, now is an ex­cel­lent time to iden­tify peo­ple and things that con­sis­tently in­vig­o­rate your ex­cite­ment about your des­tiny. Maybe you have just one shin­ing ex­em­plar, like Cio­ran, or maybe you have more. Home in on the phe­nom­ena that in your mind em­body the glory of cre­ation. LIBRA Sep 23 | Oct 22 I fore­see the with­er­ing of a hope or the dis­ap­pear­ance of a prop or the loss of lever­age. This end­ing may ini­tially make you feel melan­choly, but I bet it will ul­ti­mately prove benef­i­cent – and maybe lead you to re­sources that were pre­vi­ously un­avail­able. Here are rit­u­als you could per­form that may help you cat­alyze the spe­cific kind of re­lief and re­lease you need: 1. Wan­der around a grave­yard and sing songs you love. 2. Tie one end of a string around your an­kle and the other end around an ob­ject that sym­bol­izes an in­flu­ence you want to ban­ish from your life. Then cut the string and bury the ob­ject. 3. Say this 10 times: “The end makes the be­gin­ning pos­si­ble.” SCORPIO Oct 23 | Nov 21 “If a man treats a life ar­tis­ti­cally, his brain is his heart,” wrote Os­car Wilde. I’ll trans­late that into a more com­plete ver­sion: “If a per­son of any gen­der treats life ar­tis­ti­cally, their brain is their heart.” This truth will be es­pe­cially ap­pli­ca­ble for you in the com­ing weeks. You’ll be wise to treat your life ar­tis­ti­cally. You’ll thrive by us­ing your heart as your brain. So I ad­vise you to wield your in­tel­li­gence with love. Un­der­stand that your most in­ci­sive in­sights will come when you’re feel­ing em­pa­thy and seek­ing in­ti­macy. As you crys­tal­lize clear vi­sions about the fu­ture, make sure they are gen­er­ously suf­fused with ideas about how you and your peo­ple can en­hance your joie de vivre. SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 | Dec 21 “My tastes are sim­ple,” tes­ti­fied Sagit­tar­ian politi­cian Win­ston Churchill. “I am eas­ily sat­is­fied with the best.” I pro­pose that we make that your motto for now. While it may not be a sound idea to de­mand only the finest of every­thing all the time, I think it will be wise for you to do so dur­ing the next three weeks. You will have a man­date to re­sist tri­fles and in­sist on ex­cel­lence. Luck­ily, this should mo­ti­vate you to raise your own stan­dards and ex­pect the very best from your­self. CAPRICORN Dec 22 | Jan 19 Rus­sian play­wright An­ton Chekhov ar­tic­u­lated a prin­ci­ple he felt was es­sen­tial to telling a good story: If you say early in your tale that there’s a ri­fle hang­ing on the wall, that ri­fle must even­tu­ally be used. “If it’s not go­ing to be fired, it shouldn’t be hang­ing there,” de­clared Chekhov. We might wish that real life un­folded with such clear dra­matic pur­pose. To have our fu­ture so well-fore­shad­owed would make it easier to plan our ac­tions. But that’s not of­ten the case. Many el­e­ments pop up in our per­sonal sto­ries that ul­ti­mately serve no pur­pose. Ex­cept now, that is, for you Capri­corns. I sus­pect that in the next six weeks, plot twists will be tele­graphed in ad­vance.

AQUARIUS Jan 20 | Feb 18 Would it be fun to roast marsh­mal­lows on long sticks over scorch­ing vol­canic vents? I sup­pose. Would it be safe? No! Aside from the pos­si­bil­ity that you could get burned, the sul­fu­ric acid in the vapours would make the cooked marsh­mal­lows taste ter­ri­ble, and might cause them to ex­plode. So I ad­vise you to re­frain from ad­ven­tures like that. On the other hand, I will love it if you cul­ti­vate a play­ful spirit as you con­tem­plate se­ri­ous de­ci­sions. I’m in favour of you keep­ing a blithe at­ti­tude as you nav­i­gate your way through tricky ma­noeu­vres. I hope you’ll be jaunty in the midst of rum­bling com­mo­tions. PISCES Feb 19 | Mar 20 Peo­ple will be think­ing about you more than usual, and with greater in­ten­sity. Al­lies and ac­quain­tances will be re­vis­ing their opin­ions and un­der­stand­ings about you, mostly in favourable ways, although not al­ways. Loved ones and not- so- loved ones will also be re­work­ing their images of you, com­ing to al­tered con­clu­sions about what you mean to them and what your pur­pose is. Given these de­vel­op­ments, I sug­gest that you be proac­tive about ex­press­ing your best in­ten­tions and dis­play­ing your finest at­tributes.

Home­work: What pose would it be a re­lief for you to drop? How are you fak­ing, and what could you do to stop? Freewil­las­trol­

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