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Plants are metaphors and sym­bols of suc­cesses and ob­sta­cles that are in their clients lives. They help lead them to a path of well-be­ing. Here are some of the plants they love to use at the River­wood Con­ser­vancy En­abling Gar­den:

Marigold – Th­ese flow­ers are the best – their colour, scent and stur­di­ness. They love that marigolds are easy to see and great for dead­head­ing.

Tac­tile plants – Favourite tac­tile plants in­clude soft lamb’s ears, woolly thyme and spongy Cor­si­can mint.

Scented plants – Mints and scented gera­ni­ums are favourites. Ap­ple scented gera­ni­ums can ig­nite mem­o­ries and mint is also used for mak­ing tea.

Os­teosper­mum – They are just so beau­ti­ful.

Zin­nias – Th­ese flow­ers are great metaphors for life. They spur talk about stress and how to stay beau­ti­ful when you are be­ing in­vaded by bugs or pow­dery mildew.

Au­tumn clema­tis – Its fan­tas­tic fall colour sig­nals a change in the sea­son and be­gins dis­cus­sions about fall and win­ter.

Nas­tur­tiums – They grow th­ese from seed and love that they are ed­i­ble.

Veg­eta­bles – They grow lots of veg­eta­bles in­clud­ing car­rots, rat­tlesnake beans, blue-pod­ded peas, red Mal­abar spinach, corn, kale, cab­bage, squash, toma­toes and Swiss chard.

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