Spi­der Plant

Chloro­phy­tum co­mo­sum

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Nick­named for the plantlets that dan­gle down from the mother plants, the spi­der plant is a quite com­mon house­plant. They are eas­ily cared for and the plantlets can be placed di­rectly in the soil or wa­ter to root pro­vid­ing you with a never end­ing sup­ply of spi­der plants.

They have var­ie­gated grass-like leaves and like in­di­rect, nat­u­ral light. Th­ese plants tend to be the thirsti­est of the ones we’ve rec­om­mended but even they will for­give a lit­tle neg­li­gence on your part.

If you’re sick of the plain, old spi­der plant try out ‘Bon­nie’. White and green var­ie­gated leaves twist and curl in an un­usual pat­tern cre­at­ing a very in­ter­est­ing look­ing plant.

Chloro­phy­tum co­mo­sum.

Chloro­phy­tum co­mo­sum 'Bon­nie Green'.

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