A host of golden daf­fodils

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Test your knowl­edge by an­swer­ing true or false to the fol­low­ing ques­tions.

1. A daf­fodil is a kind of nar­cis­sus.

2. The plu­ral of nar­cis­sus is nar­cis­sus, not nar­cissi or nar­cis­suses.

3. Daf­fodils mul­ti­ply by seed.

4. Daf­fodils don’t like clay soil.

5. Daf­fodils come only in yel­low, white and vari­a­tions of the two.

6. Poeti­cus daf­fodils al­ways have white outer petals. 7. If your daf­fodils don’t bloom, give them plenty of ni­tro­gen.

8. If daf­fodil leaves emerge with fine yel­low streaks on them, dig them up and throw them away.

9. It is a Welsh tra­di­tion to bring daf­fodils into the house on St. David’s day.

10. Squir­rels don’t eat daf­fodil bulbs.

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