Weigh­ing in on women’s rou­tines

Good snack­ing in­ten­tions dis­si­pate through­out the day, sur­vey shows

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(Nc)—ac­cord­ing to a new sur­vey con­ducted by the Al­mond Board of Cal­i­for­nia, 87 per cent of women age 35 and up re­vealed they snack be­tween meals and a sig­nif­i­cant pro­por­tion (35 per cent) ad­mit to go­ing over­board on snack­ing, con­sum­ing their most in­dul­gent snacks in the late evening hours of the day.

Based on these find­ings, choos­ing the right snack is key to help pre­vent­ing late-night overeat­ing and fight­ing pesky weight gain.

One snack that’s sure to sat­isfy are crunchy, nu­tri­ent-dense al­monds. Nearly eight out of ten women sur­veyed re­ported snack­ing on nuts, with al­monds rank­ing as a top nut choice. Reg­is­tered di­eti­tian and au­thor of New York Times best­selling book Cinch! Con­quer Crav­ings, Drop Pounds and Lose Inches, Cyn­thia Sass, agrees.

"Al­monds are my per­sonal favourite since they have so much nu­tri­tional value in such a small bite," she says. The au­thor fea­tures al­monds as one of the five foods in her book’s "5-Day, 5-Food Fast For­ward" diet plan.

"Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, eat­ing a small snack in the mid-morn­ing and mid-af­ter­noon is a smart strat­egy. It helps keep me­tab­o­lism and en­ergy lev­els up and sta­bi­lized over the course of the day," Sass ex­plains. "I of­ten rec­om­mend al­monds as a top choice when crav­ings hit be­cause they’re so sat­is­fy­ing, and they can be paired with so many other foods like dark choco­late, fruit, yogurt and sea­son­ings."

When it comes to flavour pair­ings, 32 per cent of women sur­veyed pre­fer a pair­ing, with a strong 18 per cent of those choos­ing choco­late as their favourite pair­ing com­bi­na­tion. Sur­vey re­spon­dents also cited salty and crunchy snacks as the type they would reach for most of­ten in both the mid-morn­ing and mid-af­ter­noon.

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