Top 3 Keys to Sell­ing Your Home

Sell­ing your home is a big de­ci­sion. The sales process is an emo­tional one filled with ques­tions. Will po­ten­tial buy­ers like your home? Will they make an of­fer? When will it hap­pen? Where will you go? What if you don’t sell your home be­fore it is time to

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The three most im­por­tant fac­tors are Price, Stag­ing and choos­ing the right Real­tor.


Usu­ally, when peo­ple de­cide to sell their home, they have an idea of how much money it’s worth. But is that idea con­sis­tent with cur­rent mar­ket con­di­tions? How much did houses in your neigh­bour­hood sell for in the past six months? The right Real­tor will have a solid grasp on mar­ket con­di­tions in both your neigh­bour­hood as well as your price range. A good Real­tor will be up­front if you’re ask­ing too much or ex­pect­ing too lit­tle.


Many peo­ple spend a week­end vac­u­um­ing, dust­ing and gen­eral clean­ing prior to that first show­ing. This is usu­ally not enough. The last thing you want is a po­ten­tial buyer to per­ceive your house as a “fixer-up­per.” You need to get rid of clut­ter, clean un­til the home is spot­less and give it a facelift (ex­am­ples, add a wel­come mat, ap­ply fresh coat of paint, dis­play fresh flow­ers).

Choos­ing a Real­tor

Choose a Real­tor that can de­liver the re­sults you want. Meet with a cou­ple of Real­tors and ask them some ques­tions. Does their mar­ket­ing and sales plan make sense to you? Does their pro­posed price and mar­ket re­search res­onate with you? Do they ap­pear well or­ga­nized and pro­fes­sional? Have they given you valu­able feed­back on stag­ing ad­vice and price con­sid­er­a­tions? Do they have good sys­tems in plan for each step in the sales process? You should feel com­fort­able with this per­son. They need to be hon­est and trust­wor­thy and present them­selves with in­tegrity. If you have suc­cess­fully in­te­grated all of the above tips, you should have a very suc­cess­ful home sell­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. En­joy!

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