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De­clarer won the jack, played a top trump, led a di­a­mond to dummy and ad­vanced the jack of spades. East dis­carded a club as West won the queen to exit with an­other trump. De­clarer won in hand to play the ten of hearts for the four, king & ace. East cashed the queen and fol­lowed with the heart five which was ruffed and over­ruffed. The di­a­mond re­turn squeezed East since he had to sur­ren­der the club guard to re­tain the mas­ter heart but the game was down one, N-S -50

South will bring home the game with more care­ful play. Since he must play on hearts even­tu­ally, let him lead one for the king and ace at trick two. East may con­tinue with the queen and five-spot but de­clarer ruffs high. A club to the ta­ble is fol­lowed by an­other heart ruff (high) and he sets about draw­ing trump to lose 2 hearts and the queen of spades.

3NT is a dif­fer­ent ket­tle of fish when West be­gins with a di­a­mond. Sup­pose South wins in hand to run the ten of hearts. East scores a mid­dle honor to fire back a di­a­mond for dummy’s king. A spade fi­nesse loses as West drives out the ace of di­a­monds jeop­ar­diz­ing the con­tract. South may be un­will­ing to play on hearts lest West pro­duce the ace and cash two di­a­monds to de­feat the con­tract. The odds fa­vor fi­ness­ing East for the club queen. Visit www.in­side­bridge.ca. For lo­cal games and links to in­di­vid­ual clubs, visit www.unit192.ca.

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