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Lorrie Goldstein is right on the mark in his Aug. 10 col­umn when he points out the dis­con­nect be­tween Lib­eral rhetoric and ac­tion. It is dif­fi­cult to see how Canada can achieve com­mit­ments agreed to in the Paris Ac­cord. Nev­er­the­less, the Lib­er­als do have a plan and it is up to the peo­ple of Canada to in­sist that it is ef­fec­tive enough to ad­dress cli­mate dis­rup­tion.

Car­bon pric­ing is only one el­e­ment of their plan and, at present, it is woe­fully in­ad­e­quate. Yes, the price will have to in­crease, but there is a way that will pro­vide a mar­ket-based so­lu­tions lead­ing to emis­sions re­duc­tion and help lower-in­come fam­i­lies.

Through “Car­bon Fee and Div­i­dend,” a na­tional price on the car­bon diox­ide con­tent of fu­els would be ap­plied at source (the well-head, the bor­der, etc.). The price would rise steadily with all the rev­enue go­ing back to house­holds on an eq­ui­table ba­sis.

In­ac­tion on the chang­ing cli­mate is not an op­tion. We will pay for it one way or an­other. The choice is ours. PENNY HEN­DER­SON, OT­TAWA (We’d like to pay as lit­tle as pos­si­ble for fuzzy po­lit­i­cal schemes, thanks.)

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