‘Worst 5 days of my life’

Jailed vac­cine-blocker fu­ri­ous son im­mu­nized

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A Michi­gan mother said she’s had a “rough few days” af­ter serv­ing nearly a week in jail for de­fy­ing a court or­der to have her nine-year-old son vac­ci­nated and then learn­ing that he re­ceived sev­eral im­mu­niza­tions af­ter she was locked up be­hind bars.

Re­becca Bre­dow, from the Detroit area, was sen­tenced last week for con­tempt of court nearly a year af­ter an Oakland County judge or­dered her to have her son vac­ci­nated.

“It was the worst five days of my life pretty much,” the 40-year-old mother told the Detroit Free Press on Wed­nes­day about her time in jail, “ex­cept for the fact that I just found out that he was vac­ci­nated and I’m not go­ing to get him back to­day.

“It’s been a rough few days to say the least,” she said.

Bre­dow’s ex-hus­band, James Horne, who shares joint cus­tody of their son, wanted the boy to be vac­ci­nated, but Bre­dow had re­fused to do it on re­li­gious grounds.

“I can’t give in against my own re­li­gious be­lief,” she told The Wash­ing­ton Post last month, adding she is not against vac­ci­na­tion. “This is about choice. This is about hav­ing my choices as a mother to be able to make med­i­cal choices for my child.”

Oakland County Cir­cuit Judge Karen Mc­Don­ald told Bre­dow last week that she is not the only par­ent who de­serves a say in their son’s care.

The judge granted Horne tem­po­rary cus­tody of their son and or­dered him to be vac­ci­nated — and then sen­tenced Bre­dow on Oct. 4 to serve seven days in county jail.

BRE­DOW “Rough few days”

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