Sto­ry­time: The Ravens

A dif­fer­ent kind of ode to these fa­mil­iar birds in black

Our Canada - - Features | Departments - Lynn Tur­cotte, Mat­tawa, Ont.

An ode to these clever but of­ten mis­un­der­stood black birds.

My hus­band likes the ravens, I know that this is crazy, be­cause I re­ally al­ways thought, that they were kind of lazy.

One day I started to see them, through his eyes, at least, and came to kind of like them, these funny black-winged beasts.

They cir­cle over the moun­tain, the weather doesn’t mat­ter, they make you feel that you can soar, above life’s busy clat­ter.

They sit in trees at 30 be­low, and smile from above, and won­der why we are hud­dled, keep­ing warm and snug.

So when my hus­band asks me, to keep left­overs by the door, and every morn­ing he feeds them, I ob­ject no more!

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