Sto­ry­time: Tikka’s Guardian An­gel

This lit­tle fel­low was one lucky puppy!

Our Canada - - News - Mar­i­lyn Ma­jor, Lan­g­ley, B. C.

Thanks to the ac­tions of a kind stranger, this run­away pup’s story has a happy end­ing.

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Tikka, who hated thun­der­storms. She cir­cled the back­yard, pac­ing ner­vously. Light­ning flashed across the night sky. She cow­ered lower to the ground. When a clap of thun­der boomed over­head, Tikka jumped the fence and be­gan run­ning. Rain pelted down onto her soft, white fur and dripped into her eyes. She looked like a small coy­ote run­ning scared. She kept run­ning, not know­ing or car­ing where she was go­ing. Far­ther and far­ther from home she ran. She moved very quickly through the streets, dodg­ing traf­fic, and soon found her­self on a busy high­way. Horns honked and voices shouted at her. She jumped over a bar­ri­cade and vaulted over a ditch. She kept run­ning un­til she was ex­hausted. At last she stopped and looked around. She was in a park with pic­nic ta­bles all around her. She crawled be­neath one and fell asleep.

When Tikka awoke the next morn­ing, the storm was over and the sun shone brightly. She rose stiffly and crawled out into the light. Her paws were sore and bleed­ing, and she was hun­gry. She needed to get back home. But which way was home? She sniffed the air in all di­rec­tions, then put her nose to the ground and set off. She ran for two days, scroung­ing food where she could find it and sleep­ing wher­ever she found shel­ter. On the third day, she dis­cov­ered a veg­etable gar­den in the cor­ner of a back­yard. Her hunger drove her to in­ves­ti­gate. She crept in­side but found only some mouldy cab­bages. With a sigh, she crawled into the cor­ner by the fence and fell asleep.

She awoke to find a lady star­ing at her through the fence. Her voice was soft and kind. “Hello, lit­tle one. Who are you? I’ve never seen you in our neigh­bour­hood be­fore. Are you lost?”

Tikka didn’t move a mus­cle, just watched her with tired eyes. The lady went back into her house and phoned the lo­cal SPCA to ask if any­one was miss­ing a small, white dog. Yes?

Within min­utes, Tikka’s own­ers were stand­ing in the woman’s back­yard, call­ing Tikka’s name over and over again as Tikka jumped and licked their faces with joy.

That night, the happy cou­ple re­turned with a huge bou­quet of flow­ers for the kind lady to thank her for be­ing Tikka’s guardian an­gel. Tikka was one lucky dog, wouldn’t you say?

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