Just Ducky

En­joy­ing a dip af­ter a long, cold win­ter

Our Canada - - News - By Emil­iano Joanes, St. Hu­bert, Que.

When the ice goes away, ducks and seag­ulls come to play—luck­ily, this pho­tog­ra­phy buff was there to cap­ture it all!

As I was walk­ing along the man-made lake in a lo­cal park near my home, I heard a crack­ing sound. I could not fig­ure out where it was com­ing from; it turned out to be the ice on the lake. More cracks fol­lowed, one af­ter an­other. As the ice broke, wa­ter gushed to the sur­face.

Sud­denly, there were ducks flock­ing to the area; the cracks be­came wider and wider and the wa­ter flooded the sur­face. It was like the ducks were dis­cov­er­ing wa­ter for the first time af­ter a long win­ter. They dove deep down into the wa­ter, while above them, seag­ulls screeched.

The ducks came up with fish in their beaks, only to have it snatched away by the seag­ulls. The ducks seemed to ac­cept their fate and dove back into the wa­ter for more fish.

The sound of crack­ing, melt­ing ice, the seag­ulls screech­ing and ducks quack­ing cre­ated a ca­coph­ony of sound that was mu­sic to my ears. I was lost in my own world watch­ing the spec­ta­cle un­fold be­fore me. I was wit­ness­ing the miracle of spring re­birth. I have been here, in my adopted coun­try of Canada, long enough to know that it never fails me with its won­ders.

The ducks quacked, wet their wings and preened their feath­ers. I didn’t re­al­ize that I was in­stinc­tively cap­tur­ing the event with my cam­era. When it was over, the birds took wing.

I checked to make sure the im­ages were on the card in my cam­era be­cause there was no chance of this miracle re­peat­ing it­self!

Hap­pily, the pic­tures were all there, cap­tured in the un­blink­ing eye of the cam­era—image af­ter lovely image.

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