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For me, a Cana­dian snow­bird, win­ter in Teak­wood Vil­lage in Largo, Fla., is a lot of fun and it’s amaz­ing how many things there are to do there. I’m a lit­tle on the lazy side so I don’t take part in any­thing that re­quires me to keep to a sched­ule. I do, how­ever, en­joy the Ladies’ Friend­ship Club, which is much like it sounds—a casual get­to­gether where ladies meet for lunch in the club­house and en­joy one an­other’s com­pany.

One day, af­ter one of our meet­ings, I was help­ing to clean up when a young man came over to me and asked if I knew where he could find a sewing ma­chine. A lot of ac­tiv­i­ties take place in that club­house, in­clud­ing crafts, so the question did not seem un­rea­son­able. I de­cided to ask one of the other ladies for help and, be­cause of the noise in the room, I had to raise my voice. When the young man heard me ask­ing about a sewing ma­chine, he came beetling over and said, ”Ex­cuse me, ma’am, but I am look­ing for a “sodie” ma­chine.

Sodie ma­chine? When it fi­nally dawned on me what he was search­ing for, try­ing hard not to laugh, I told the young man where he could find the ”soft drink” ma­chine.

What we had here was not re­ally a com­mu­ni­ca­tion prob­lem—it was more of a cul­tural thing. He was very much an Amer­i­can from some­where in the south and I was very much a Cana­dian from some­where in the north. As far as I am con­cerned, I don’t have any ac­cent when I speak, but that young man sure had a funny one! I’ll bet you though, that he has had a few laughs telling his friends about the old lady he met who talked funny and didn’t know what a “sodie ma­chine” was! Dorothy Han­nah, La­colle, Que.

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