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Keep­ing a lit­tle sum­mer around all year long

Our Canada - - News - By Diana Gorski, Ed­mon­ton

I’ve al­ways loved flow­ers, all types, es­pe­cially wild­flow­ers. I think it’s the as­sort­ment and colour I love most, and, of course, the smell. I al­ways try to keep flow­ers in the house year­round: As the sea­sons change, so do the flow­ers.

I es­pe­cially look for­ward to my birth­day and Mother’s Day as all three of my kids, Jamie, Frankie and Roberta, give me bou­quets of flow­ers.

It was on Mother’s Day that I re­ceived my first dig­i­tal cam­era. It sat on my dresser, in the box, for three days. My hus­band would come home from work and say, “So, have you tried it?” I would re­ply, “Nope, but I did look at it.” I’d never owned a cam­era like that be­fore and, truth­fully, I was afraid of it. I fi­nally learned how to use it and be­gan tak­ing pic­tures of ev­ery­thing in­side and out­side of the house: the dog, my hus­band, the kids—even the car!

I be­gan spend­ing sum­mers tak­ing photos of my gar­den and, to this day, I can’t wait to plant my flow­ers to see what grows. I love sit­ting in the yard, breath­ing in the scents when ev­ery­thing is in bloom.

I de­cided to use my love of flow­ers to cre­ate art projects. In the sum­mer months, I cut flow­ers from my gar­den and put them in vases. When the blooms are close to dy­ing, I snip them off the stems and use them to form words, and then pho­to­graph the re­sult.

There aren’t re­ally many tools needed, ex­cept a good pair of scis­sors and some imag­i­na­tion. Be­sides flow­ers from my gar­den, I also use my birth­day and Mother’s Day flow­ers, as well as “any­time” flow­ers when I stop by flower shops—that way I can have fun work­ing on projects all year long.

When I be­gin work on a project, I choose a word that in­spires or makes me feel good, such as “peace” or “love.” I then find a back­drop: It can be any­thing—the floor, a rug or a piece of ma­te­rial in

my favourite colour. I arrange the blooms into a word and grab my cam­era to snap the photo. Some­times, I take a lot of photos be­cause I want to see what it looks like from dif­fer­ent an­gles or views. I also move the word around quite a bit if I feel that the colours of the flow­ers and back­ground clash. I try to cap­ture more of a warm, soft look to my projects just be­cause they are flow­ers.

Once I’m done, I up­load the pho­to­graphs to my com­puter and re­view, choos­ing the ones I like best. I use a light­room to ad­just any im­per­fec­tions such as light, colour tone and back­ground. Once ev­ery­thing is put to­gether, I make prints of my favourites and frame them so I can en­joy them for­ever. n

When de­sign­ing her flo­ral projects, Diana uses words that make her feel good.

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