The Good Night Story

Set­ting the stage for sweet dreams

Our Canada - - Funny Stuff - Heidi Scott, St. Catharines, Ont.

First Daddy comes to play the game, To count the stars and call their names— Sparkle, Twin­kle, Pinky and Dust— They dance and shine and wink at us.

We stand on my bed and pre­tend it’s a boat, Daddy yells, “Cap­tain, throw off your coat!” I take my robe and throw it down— It lands on kitty, she turns and frowns.

Next Daddy grabs each one of my toes, He makes a rhyme and tick­les and blows Un­til I laugh and roll about, I can­not help it, I scream and shout!

I climb on his back and hold on tight. We fly over the car­pet to turn off the light, to bed, I pull the switch down and we fly back head. My night­light turns on as I lay down my

My daddy bends down and kisses my nose, I tell him I love him but he al­ready knows. Now Mommy comes in to say good night— She’s soft and warm and she holds me tight.

Mommy pulls my blan­kets up high, I snug­gle down and hear Mommy sigh, good night. She says she loves me, sleep well and I float off to dream and will wake when it’s light.

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