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Maria Louis of Court­land, Ont., writes, “Our fam­ily im­mi­grated to Canada from Bel­gium many years ago. When I was very young (I am now 92), we were very poor. I had two broth­ers and our fa­ther worked feed­ing coal into tramway engines to make them run. It paid very lit­tle and our mother could not work due to a heart ail­ment. When my broth­ers and I would ask for a toy or some cook­ies, Mom used to take out the lit­tle box she kept change in, show­ing us the coins and ex­plain­ing that they were for bread or pota­toes or mar­garine—so there was noth­ing left for ex­tras, but maybe next week. We un­der­stood and would wait for the next week, but the money for ex­tras never came. Now, when I see chil­dren ask­ing for ex­pen­sive toys, I think back to that time. I still have that lit­tle change box and I’m still proud of my mother for how she man­aged our money.”

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