Our Canada - - Birds & Blooms - Linda Ma­cleod of Uxbridge, Ont., sub­mit­ted this poem on be­half for her friend Ken Par­sons who sadly passed away at the age of 81.

Our world is en­hanced by birds on the wing, They grace our blue skies as they chirp and they sing.

Their early spring songs bring joy to the ear, a sum­mer of songs many months we shall hear.

The robins, the spar­rows, a help to mankind, eat pesky mos­qui­toes and bugs that they find.

Geese on the lake or ducks on the shore, they want to be friends and ask noth­ing more.

A com­pan­ion for man, their songs fill the air, en­joy­ment they bring, so much to share.

The hum­ming­bird’s quick­ness shows light­en­ing speed, as it pol­li­nates flow­ers seed af­ter seed.

Year af­ter year, there’s a rit­ual sight as geese form a V on their rit­ual flight.

Let’s be their com­pan­ions, pro­tect what they need, and our fine, feath­ered friends will re­turn our good deed.

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