Abi­gail Bugsby

Once upon a time,

Our Canada - - Storytime -

There was a lit­tle girl named Abi­gail Bugsby.

Abi­gail Bugsby lives down the lane. Abi­gail loves to skip in the rain.

Abi­gail Bugsby has bright yel­low hair. Abi­gail owns a brown teddy bear.

Abi­gail Bugsby eats noo­dles and cheese. Abi­gail’s fright­ened of bum­ble­bees.

Abi­gail Bugsby can catch her blue ball. Abi­gail’s tiny. She’s not very tall.

Abi­gail Bugsby likes Sesame Street. Abi­gail wears pur­ple slip­pers on her feet.

Abi­gail Bugsby has her very own bed. Abi­gail’s favourite blan­ket is red.

Abi­gail Bugsby can an­swer the phone. Abi­gail’s quite fond of ice cream cones.

Abi­gail Bugsby wears a fuzzy green coat. Abi­gail’s been for a ride in a boat.

Abi­gail Bugsby is three years old. Abi­gail has a pet fish who is gold.

Abi­gail has a fond­ness for cows. Abi­gail Bugsby says bye-bye for now.


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