Our Canada - - Funny Stuff - Nancy Delseny, Bramp­ton, Ont.

I have a niece, El­iz­a­beth, who works at a restau­rant. She is quiet, sweet and shy—if she were a Dis­ney char­ac­ter, she would be Bambi. One day while she was work­ing at the restau­rant, her boss asked her to go buy some flour. When El­iz­a­beth asked her what type, her boss told her Five Roses would be fine. So off El­iz­a­beth went to make the pur­chase, only to re­turn shortly after­ward with five long-stemmed red roses!

She could not ever live this one down, as I’m sure she must get teased ga­lore about her five rose flow­ers—and yes, she still works at that restau­rant!

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