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Bun­nock is a fun game that can be played by two to eight play­ers. Two rows of 22 bones (one row per team) are set up ten me­tres apart. Each row of bones has one “guard” at each end, set 40 cen­time­tres apart from the other bones in the row, known as “sol­diers.” The ob­ject of the game is to knock the op­pos­ing team’s line of bones down be­fore they knock yours down. Each team player uses two “throw­ers” in turn to try to hit the op­pos­ing team’s line down, be­gin­ning with the guards and mov­ing on to the sol­diers. Dur­ing the tour­na­ment, the win­ner of a coin toss can choose which side their team would like to throw from or whether or not they would like to throw first. For com­plete rules, visit www.bun­nock.com.

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