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If you’ll re­call last year’s show, Orion had a crazy Jeep that was com­pletely decked out with speak­ers. They ac­tu­ally re­pur­posed TV swing mounts to get the pea­cock ef­fect while de­ployed, as well as have them be able to stow away dur­ing trans­port. Well, this year they were back at it again.

CES 2016 saw a huge Dodge Ram take cen­ter stage at Orion’s show area. I went ahead and counted for you and, in the back alone, there are 28 speak­ers and six sub­woofers. There’s even a flat screen TV on top of it all! Around the sides of the truck bed, you can spot some of the bat­ter­ies needed to power this thing, as well as some se­ri­ously huge HCCA am­pli­fiers mounted be­tween the cabin and the mas­sive en­clo­sure.

In­side is no slouch ei­ther. More screens are in­stalled in the doors and a swing-out DJ ta­ble with all the fix­ings can be de­ployed from the rear seat on the driver’s side. This is the ul­ti­mate party truck, and it’s se­ri­ously im­pres­sive.

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