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Pasmag (Canada) - - Test Report -

Some peo­ple ag­o­nize for months over their choice of sub­woofer. Do you go more sound qual­ity or SPL? High power han­dling or high ef­fi­ciency? Sealed or vented? Well, if you ask the folks at Dig­i­tal De­signs, they'll tell you that you don't re­ally have to com­pro­mise. To prove the point, they sent us one of their amaz­ing Power Tuned 3500-ESP series dual voice coil woofers.

The Power Tuned woofers are con­structed with ad­di­tional me­chan­i­cal and elec­tri­cal damp­ing to han­dle the daily rig­ors of any bass en­thu­si­ast. DD Au­dio's 3500 series woofers are some of the most son­i­cally ac­cu­rate woofers the com­pany sells. Thanks to a low mov­ing mass de­sign, high en­ergy, and well­fo­cused mag­net­ics, these woofers pro­vide ac­cu­rate re­pro­duc­tion of any bass note, re­gard­less of how loud you want to play it.

The 3500 series woofers also come equipped with DD Au­dio's Evo­lu­tion Sub­woofer Pack­age (ESP). The ESP-equipped sub­woofer has a larger sus­pen­sion di­am­e­ter than a stan­dard woofer, as well as a deeper bas­ket and spe­cially op­ti­mized sur­rounds for greater ex­cur­sion and en­hanced re­li­a­bil­ity.

Our sam­ple is the 3510-ESP, a 10-inch sub­woofer built on a rugged cast alu­minum bas­ket and pow­ered by a huge triple-stacked 170-mm mo­tor. The woofer tips the scales at right around 37 pounds, so you know this is a se­ri­ous 10-inch driver as soon as you pick it up! The 3510's mag­netic en­ergy is fo­cused around a pair of three-inch, four-layer cop­per voice coils. The coils are coated with an ul­tra-high-tem­per­a­ture ca­pa­ble var­nish, and wound on a spe­cial former com­posed of sev­eral dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als. All of this en­gi­neer­ing is de­signed to re­sult in ex­cel­lent heat trans­fer, and al­low re­ally high power han­dling with­out fail­ures. Fur­ther­more, the former is dou­bleslit to re­duce in­duc­tance, and there are vent holes placed above the coil wind­ings to in­crease air­flow and im­prove coil cool­ing. The woofer has a con­tin­u­ous power rat­ing of 600 watts, and I have no doubt that it will eas­ily han­dle that all day long.

All of this tech­nol­ogy drives a cone made from a com­bi­na­tion of pulp and car­bon fiber, which is also sup­ported by a spe­cial V-ROM de­sign foam sur­round. The sur­round is built with the same pro­file as DD Au­dio's Ex­tended Range of Mo­tion (EROM) sur­rounds, but with flex ribs that al­low it to re­tain its strength and shape even at the extremes of ex­cur­sion.

Au­dio power is fed into the coils via di­rect con­nec­tion to 10-gauge cop­per ca­bles. From there, it trav­els to the coils via high-cur­rent tin­sel leads that are lam­i­nated in place be­tween the spi­ders. A rub­ber gas­ket trims out the mount­ing flange of the woofer, and helps pro­vide a good seal to the en­clo­sure baf­fle.

After a few hours of break-in time to soften up the sus­pen­sion and al­low it to nor­mal­ize, I mounted the 3510-ESP in a 1.25-cu­bic-foot vented en­clo­sure that was tuned to ex­actly 31 Hz.

In the supplied vented en­clo­sure, the per­for­mance of the 3510-ESP cer­tainly did not dis­ap­point. The very bot­tom of the au­di­ble regis­ter was very low, al­low­ing me to eas­ily

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