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Dear Editor: Re: Fair tax sys­tem ben­e­fits the right peo­ple by MP Stephen Fuhr (Her­ald, Oct. 9).

Mr. Fuhr, if you are de­fend­ing the small busi­ness pro­posed tax in­crease, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

All cor­po­rate taxes and cor­po­rate tax in­creases are passed on to the con­sumer by way of higher prices for goods and ser­vices. As a re­sult, it is the poor who are hit the hard­est as they are the least able to higher prices for goods and ser­vices.

Gov­ern­ments over the years have painted the cor­po­ra­tion or other busi­ness per­son as the bo­gey­man that drives up prices.

Busi­ness taxes are a part of busi­ness ex­penses and the only way to avoid bank­ruptcy is to pass in­creases in taxes and other ex­penses on to the con­sumer.

Mr. Fuhr, stop por­tray­ing small busi­ness peo­ple as tax cheats as all they are try­ing to do is sur­vive. Busi­nesses are highly com­pet­i­tive and there­fore are forced to pass on in­creased costs to their cus­tomers — the con­sumer.

We have a pro­gres­sive in­di­vid­ual tax sys­tem and if you re­quire more rev­enue, the fairest way to ob­tain more rev­enue is to in­crease tax on the top-earn­ing in­di­vid­u­als, and not the poor.

Cor­po­ra­tions do not pay taxes as taxes and all other costs are are passed on to the con­sumer. In the end, only the liv­ing breath­ing, heart beat­ing In­di­vid­ual hu­man pays taxes.

Ted Bens West Kelowna

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