Don’t de­lay le­gal pot

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Saskatchewan Cabi­net Min­is­ter Don Mor­gan is the lat­est provincial politi­cian to say he wants mar­i­juana le­gal­iza­tion de­layed for at least a year. ............ Why?

Trudeau promised his gov­ern­ment would le­gal­ize mar­i­juana two years ago. On­tario has al­ready an­nounced its plans on how it will in­te­grate le­gal mar­i­juana into its econ­omy. (Is Mor­gan in­sin­u­at­ing that On­tario is some­how su­pe­rior to our prov­ince?)

The only peo­ple who could pos­si­bly ben­e­fit from a de­lay in mar­i­juana le­gal­iza­tion are the or­ga­nized crime fig­ures who cur­rently con­trol most of the mar­ket.

Why on earth are Saskatchewan politi­cians de­fend­ing the in­ter­ests of or­ga­nized crime above that of or­di­nary, law-abid­ing ci­ti­zens?

Makes you won­der. Gor­don Robert Du­mont Prince Al­bert, Sask

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