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Sound of a hit in a comic

_____ Maria

Place to get a mas­sage

Mt. Blanc (e.g.) Whistler and oth­ers, abbr.

Old Eur. money Lessen in in­ten­sity Char­ac­ter

Madonna's ex




Solid food


"Good­ness gra­cious!" Fash­ion is­sue


See ya ___!

Too fussy

Star Wars planet A lo-o-ong time Trop­i­cal Asian plant Cam­pus list keeper "The Chi­nese

Par­rot" hero Parkinson's drug

____ Parks (US civil rights hero­ine)


Cana­dian NHL star for the Oil­ers Cana­dian NHL team Valu­able Cana­dian goal­tender

Get rid of

Ok­la­homa city

Sharp turn



Omega or flaxseed Orgs.

News­pa­per no­tices Per­fect world

Oy vey lan­guage

With no pre­scrip­tion needed: Abbr. Pot­pourri Id coun­ter­part

Use a Singer Cos­metic gi­ant


Stu­dent score (abbr.) Back again

Star Wars Jedi Slen­der-billed sea bird

"Aladdin" mon­key ___ do­mini Snor­kel­ing site Re­ceipt

Mom's newly mar­ried hus­band Dis­miss

Slalom seg­ment Shine, to a slo­ga­neer Re­lat­ing to fire­works Richard ___ Car­di­nal's in­signia Huff­in­g­ton Post owner

Group for chil­dren's wel­fare Panache

A let­ter car­rier has one (abbr.) Cana­dian who stars for the Ducks 2015-6 Nor­ris

Tro­phy win­ner

"The Next One,"goes with 233 across Beethoven work To-do

Miss Shakira, e.g. Goes with oohed Well-to-do

US abbr.

Leg­endary hu­manoid in the Hi­malayas Trendy

___- ne­go­tiable

Start eat­ing

An­te­lope Dis­cour­ag­ing words Fun house sounds Ap­prove

Aus­tralian coast wa­ter Sounds of hes­i­ta­tion Lais­sez-____ Com­mon con­nec­tor Tiled anew

Hosp. work­ers

Small amount of money

In­stru­ment played stand­ing up


Se­cu­rity fea­ture on a gun Bou­quets Part of a base­ball glove PGA tour­na­ment Bar or­der Salt of el­e­ment #53 eBay items per­haps Wide shoe let­ters Sub­jec­tive recipe phrase Dis­cus­sion ''ER'' ex­tras Adorn ". . . if I thought ___ help" Unsuitable Street shader Sup­port beam Knock over Milk source Medium like per­cep­tion An­gelina Jolie, for one Camp­ing equip­ment Tarzan writer's ini­tials Right from the fac­tory Like some col­umns Ire­land

MGM's mas­cot, for one Trans­form Doubter Get used (to) Lake of as­phalt See 119 across Cana­dian star with the Black­hawks Cana­dian cen­ter in the NHL Teeth spec.'s deg. Spring Break des­ti­na­tion Book af­ter Lev. "El­do­rado" poet

Ref. kin

Sign be­fore Virgo Book­keep­ing term "Blaz­ing

Sad­dles" di­rec­tor At­tor­ney F. ___ Bai­ley ___Pen (in­jec­tion for al­ler­gic re­ac­tions) Keep Sep­a­rates Mag­a­zine, end­ing in Re­port

First of all

"Tarzan" ex­tra Like Chee­rios One-eight­ies


"The Bourne Supremacy" open­ing lo­cale

Cer­tain bond down south, in­for­mally

Aden res­i­dent Cana­dian tax, for short Ed.'s pile

Chelsea's dad



Gave the evil eye

The ones close by Walk

Pla­toon mem­bers, briefly Takes in

Rock mu­sic style

Stove fuel

Big name in faucets Golden State sch. Cana­dian who played for the Red­wings Cana­dian who was mainly a Preda­tor Cana­dian who plays cen­ter in a US

NHL team

CFL ball

Recipe info: Abbr. Model Klum Christ­mas dec­o­ra­tion Nancy who played Yente in "Fiddler on the Roof"

Mu­si­cal per­for­mances Po­lice dept.'s "Be on the look­out!" alert Skirt

Hand (out)

Big chip maker

Cae­sar col­league

Tide ta­ble term See-___ (trans­par­ent) Cruis­ing the ocean

Get bet­ter

Sworn ___ (given the oath of of­fice for) Peter and Alexan­der Pop­u­lar jeans



Bangkok na­tive

Sign a con­tract for ex­am­ple

Pay­roll pro­cess­ing com­pany

U.F.O. crew Q fol­low­ers Com­pass point Shed item Be­gin­ner

A wood­wind Com­plete chaos Skilled tran­scriber "__ the ram­part's... Casablanca star Wake-up call

Red Bordeaux


Set into the sur­face of some­thing

Put ___ to (fin­ish) Choppy, in mu­sic Greek math­e­ma­ti­cian Like some colonies Spe­cial in­struc­tion col­lege Re­veal

Warms up

Hanukkah item Af­ter­noon ser­vice Spread


Su­per­nat­u­ral power Shoul­der cover

Flip again Ex­ces­sively schol­arly peo­ple Si­cil­ian vol­cano

"Six o'clock and ___ well"

Car ac­ces­sory Gold­smith's units Kind of unit

''Noth­ing do­ing!'' "The Fly­ing ___" Sally Fields se­ries Opus ___ Con­ver­sa­tion

Bib­li­cal son


South African peo­ple In­struct spir­i­tu­ally Buck­ets

Swim­ming stroke Fairy tale vil­lain

City on the Rhine Com­poses "Live and Let Die" writer, Flem­ing In­dig­na­tion In­sight­ful

Mideast bloc (abbr.) Sounds of woe

Hair rais­ing

Car wash op­tion As­tro­naut, John


It may be pol­ished Photo ___

Forests in cold re­gions

Hippy neck­lace "Port­noy's Com­plaint" au­thor 100%

Hardly any

Last year's jr.

Pub serv­ing Let­ter-shaped open­ing

Ital­ian car, briefly Daugh­ter of

Juan Car­los I

Org. for

Michelle Wie For­ward

Se­same paste Tur­genev's birth­place

''Now ___ the­ater near you!''


Cal­i­for­nia's Santa ___ Val­ley

River to the Rhine Com­mand­ment pro­noun Tutu-wear­ing Se­same Street Mup­pet

Know, to Shake­speare

Rap doc­tor?

Seine feeder


Smooth jazz player Arab ruler

Hindu mind/ body dis­ci­pline Down­trend

Parts of parkas Noth­ing Of­fice­hold­ers French sum­mer _____ stretch (serve time) Bib­li­cal verb with "thou" Of the earth's satel­lite

___ apso (dog)

Night school subj.


Ocean floor

Cal­cu­la­tor fea­ture

Plums or shrubs


Gases up

Pre­fix for dex­ter­ous

For one

It's a lit­tle louse

Pixel den­sity

Mame, for one

Key of Prokofiev's first pi­ano con­certo

Hated war, for short Mined me­tal

Keaton flick: "Mr. __" "Here's what I think," in e-mail



Bos­ton time, briefly Pow­er­ful se­niors' lobby Sub­mit

Check­out line mag, fa­mil­iarly

Bill­board stuff

Word af­ter mai or be­fore chi

Tech ex­ec­u­tive

Barn­yard pecker

Pol­loi leader

Gi­ant of note

Mil­i­tary slam­mer

End early

Naval rank ab­bre­vi­a­tion Large amount

Fell off

Aus­tralian hopper, for short

Name­sake of a sort Mu­nic­i­pal fa­cil­ity: Abbr. Model T con­tem­po­rary Put ___ show

Mag­el­lan or

Ber­ing (Abbr.)

De­tailed de­sign

Alaska, once

Use for sup­port

Neigh­bor of Mo. down south

An­dean land

First Na­tion lodg­ing (var) Land of the lep­rechauns

Done work­ing, briefly

Stir-fry pan Com­pass pt. Michael of R.E.M. Cos­mo­naut, Den­nis In­ex­pen­sive mag­a­zines

"Able was I ___..." "___ Rosenkava­lier" (Strauss)

Ti­tles for

Cop­tic bish­ops

Vie for of­fice Sum­mit

Tell a se­cret

Nee­dle case


Keyed up

Florida city

Price re­duc­tion Par­a­lyzed


Bond op­po­nent Craps cubes

____ Paolo

"For shame!" Drac­ula por­trayer Fra­ter­nal org.

Gross coat­ings Long pe­ri­ods Knock down Un­con­vinc­ing Man­i­fes­ta­tions

Hit the nail on the head

Some cats De­mol­ish

Noted space tele­scope

Coup d'___?

Singer Lovett

Ca­ble al­ter­na­tive Life story (briefly) Poor grade


A bunch of Turkey's lo­cale Time for a mam­moth feast? Ski­ing heaven Coun­try singing great, first name Race cli­max Takes off

Hardly in­de­pen­dent ones End­ing for ab­sorb Be­haves badly Chi­ang foe

Pol­ish sea­port Hal­ley of Hal­ley's Comet


Peo­ple who go on be­ing mis­er­able "That's a lie!"

"As the World Turns" ac­tress Per­rier ri­val Gym­nast Co­maneci

Good judg­ment Deride

Book af­ter Proverbs: Abbr. Un­happy spec­ta­tor

Tom or

Tommy Lee

Sub open­ing Cause for a bless­ing Wishy-___ Prim­i­tive weapon Google suc­cess TV ac­tor, Scott Big inits. in long dis­tance

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