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Peo­ple of­ten ask my why it is that so many of us are strug­gling with tough is­sues right now, It seems that al­most ev­ery­one is deal­ing with some cri­sis in their lives. It may be mar­i­tal prob­lems, dif­fi­cul­ties with chil­dren, par­ents or per­haps up­heaval at work.

Cer­tainly one re­sponse is that the world is much more com­pli­cated now than it used to be, and an­other re­sponse is that we are a lit­tle more open nowa­days about our per­sonal strug­gle than was the case in the past, and con­se­quently more is out in the open. How­ever, is an­other di­men­sion to this ques­tion that de­serves closer scru­tiny, it is the un­der­ly­ing as­sump­tion that life some­how should go along smoothly, and that if things go wrong, then some­thing un­nat­u­ral is oc­cur­ring.

This be­lief can set us up for dis­ap­point­ment and frus­tra­tion. It is a lit­tle like want­ing a beau­ti­ful garden, and go­ing out to work in it, and then be­com­ing upset if we get our hands dirty. If we feel that set­backs in life are strikes against us, we tend to be­come dis­cour­aged. If, on the other hand, we see dif­fi­cul­ties as hur­dles to leap over or get around, or per­haps as puz­zles to solve, we then em­power our­selves, and can be­gin to see life’s dif­fi­cul­ties as the chal­lenges that they re­ally are.

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