Teen re­belling through ap­a­thy is chal­lenge for dad to reach

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Those phone calls might be­come eas­ier if you take a few min­utes and make a list of top­ics you think she’s in­ter­ested in, as well as ques­tions to draw her out, be­fore pick­ing up the phone. Ask her what she THINKS about some­thing or how she FEELS about things rather than yes or no ques­tions. Tell her you are think­ing about her and that you love her ev­ery time you call, be­cause that’s re­ally the most im­por­tant mes­sage you are try­ing to con­vey, and the one she needs the most to hear.

DEAR ABBY: I am a first-time un­cle of a 4-month-old nephew. My brother and sis­ter-in-law are ex­tremely close with my wife and me. We see them three or four times a week, and we are very fond of our nephew. I love be­ing an un­cle, and my wife loves be­ing an aunt.

My sis­ter-in-law grew up call­ing all her par­ents’ friends “Aunt Sally,” “Aunt Jenna” and so on. Nat­u­rally, she plans to have my nephew call her friends “aunt” and “un­cle” as well. I feel that be­ing an aunt or un­cle is much more than just a ti­tle. We are fam­ily; we are blood. I’m a bit put off when I hear my sis­ter-in-law say, “Here’s Un­cle John,” when they see “John” only a cou­ple of times a year. He’s not an un­cle to my nephew! Should I be of­fended, or is it just a ti­tle like say­ing “Mr.”? -- REAL UN­CLE IN MARY­LAND

DEAR REAL UN­CLE: Sim­mer down. Your SIL is us­ing the term as an hon­orary ti­tle. As you stated, she does this be­cause it’s the way she was raised. In no way does it di­min­ish ei­ther your emo­tional or blood tie with your nephew.

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