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Dear Reena,

I tend to only use a bar of soap once be­fore throw­ing it out be­cause I don’t want to spread germs onto my­self. Do you think that this is com­mon prac­tice among other peo­ple? Or do you think it is safe to re-use soap sev­eral times? Philip

Dear Philip,

We live in a coun­try where thank­fully many peo­ple have access to clean wa­ter and soap; and re­search shows (and I mean a lot of re­search) that bar soap and wa­ter are an ef­fec­tive solution in re­mov­ing dirt, grime and germs. This is be­cause soap is a sur­fac­tant- a solution that lifts crud, bonds with it, and al­lows it to be rinsed away with wa­ter. Some say that soap dates to 2800 BC and has been used ever since. It is safe to re-use soap re­peat­edly, in fact many peo­ple (in­clud­ing me) wash with a bar of soap un­til only crumbly lit­tle pieces re­main. At that time, the lit­tle pieces are of­ten added to wa­ter in a soap dis­penser and used as liq­uid soap.

Just as a side note: in 1847 Ig­naz Sem­mel­weis dis­cov­ered the in­ci­dence of childbed fever could be cut dras­ti­cally re­duced when in­terns wash their hands be­fore de­liv­er­ing a baby and after per­form­ing au­top­sies. This was a dra­matic dis­cov­ery, and a solid tes­ta­ment re­gard­ing the im­por­tance of hand wash­ing through­out day to day life.

Hi Reena,

I love read­ing your ar­ti­cles, and I won­der if you have any sug­ges­tions to get rid of a red wine stain that I have on one of my wooded kitchen cup­boards. It has been there for sev­eral weeks. Thanks for your help, Glen

Dear Glen,

Red wine is no­to­ri­ous for per­ma­nently dam­ag­ing tex­tiles, be­cause what­ever wine touches, it of­ten dyes. When­ever clean­ing cup­boards, the safest cleaner is dish soap and wa­ter, scrub with an abra­sive (non-scratch­ing) cloth. Some peo­ple had suc­cess with a com­bi­na­tion of bak­ing soda and non-bleach, non-gel to clean wine off cup­boards; how­ever, this is risky as you do not want to dam­age the color of the wood.

Feed­back from Car­ing Read­ers

Re: Tod­dler Sippy Cup Hi Reena,

Speech pathol­o­gists don’t rec­om­mend the use of sippy cups as the child does not need to use fa­cial mus­cles to con­trol the flow. The in­crease in speech im­ped­i­ments is the direct re­sult. Su­san

Re: Clean­ing Cooked Grease off Pots

Hi Reena, The best, and eas­i­est way to get the cooked grease off the bot­tom of alu­minum or stain­less pots and pans is to use a sand­ing sponge found in any Dol­lar Store or else­where where paint prod­ucts are sold.

Just a scrub with hot wa­ter (and if wanted a scour­ing pow­der) and it all goes away just like magic. It is cheap and eco­log­i­cal, no strong chem­i­cals needed.

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