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Fig­ure in New­ton's se­cond law

1983 hit for

Du­ran Du­ran Work­ers' rights gp. CFL stats



Health, in Que­bec Pricey

Scarf ma­te­rial

SVU char­ac­ter Ben­son Sneaky laugh Post-E.R. place

Not o'er


"I'm in­no­cent!" Started, at golf with off

Take flight

Fa­mous fruit picker Corinne Bai­ley ___ Grammy nom­i­nee Some­one who takes re­spon­si­bil­ity for oth­ers

"What ___!"

They de­liver

Abbr. in old at­lases Wrongly pre­fix

Naval rank ab­bre­vi­a­tion

Quick on the up­take Brasserie


Lots and lots Fol­low­ers: Suf­fix Beer drinker's terse cri­tique Cana­dian who sang "Turn off the Light" Cana­dian who sang "Af­ter the Gol­drush" Cana­dian singer who made the al­bum "You Want it Darker" Cana­dian singer who sang "Sun­down"

Feel guilt

Drake's ship--"The Golden ___"

Worse than bad Tickle

Per­sonal state­ment in­tro Com­bat gear


On­line DIY store Some like it hot White-tailed birds Spud

Video game venue Take on

Takes ad­van­tage of Kubrick com­puter Scuf­fle

Ni­cholas I or II Rus­sian dy­nasty Poetic over

Dy­namic start?


Like some Be­douins Used by Chi­nese cooks

Find out about


Flunk­ing let­ters

"Eso ___"

(Paul Anka hit) Span­ish for month Suds

Phono­graph Ex­tin­guishes

16th US Pres­i­dent Sailor's shore time Sev­eral English rivers Spaghetti top­ping Less dull

Civil dis­or­ders Mis­chievous fairies Sit­com ma­rine Ab­bre­vi­a­tions for cer­tain com­pa­nies "Raggedy" doll Ber­ing, e.g.: abbr. Hole in the head Ten­ta­cle

Mont Blanc, for one Click­ers

Thar ____ blows! Trick-tak­ing game Not mov­ing

Cana­dian city with its own style of bagel Cana­dian city fa­mous for

Per­sian rolls

Cana­dian sweet liq­uid Stick fig­ure

Red rinse

Starchy tu­ber

In­ter­net ad­dress type They may be boiled

It's out­stand­ing

"___ She Sweet?" School of or­cas

Chi­nese tem­ple in­stru­ment

Easy mark


Used to blow things up

'CSI' ac­tress Hel­gen­berger

Back the wrong horse Skater's move

Bri­tish "Thanks"

Foot digit

Verdi's "___ Miller" ____ wheeler

Makes weak

Dick­ens or­phan

Door to door man, for ex­am­ple


"The Soup

___" (clas­sic "Se­in­feld" episode)

Wire ser­vice (abbr.) Place of bliss

"___ to worry"

Pun­jab province cap­i­tal Monies owed


Lousy egg?

De­sign de­tail

"Let Us Now Praise Fa­mous Men" writer Cana­dian river

Craft to go down Que­bec's Ki­pawa river Cana­dian river Cana­dian river Cana­dian river


Mus. ver­sion

Now and then

In­ca­pable of be­ing changed

Russo of "Tin Cup" Pool stick


Ref's call

Don't for­get your truly! As­sumed names

Darth to Luke



Com­poser Khacha­turian

Break­able records Pre­pared care­fully

Ac­tress Roseanne Fright­en­ing: var.

Beastie Boys song "No Sleep ___ Brook­lyn" Dec­o­ra­tive case Dances Ladies' men Blue Grotto's isle Icon ___ ___, you you, get off of my cloud" The Rolling Stones Just ___ bit Splin­ter group Shrub Spots for MDs and RNs Bun­sen burn­ers

Dig­i­tal pro­mo­tion cen­ter So­journ

Cold to­day, hot ___! French Cana­dian dish

Last word in a Cana­dian blue­berry dish

Cana­dian city that gave its name to a rhubarb pie Cana­dian pop­corn va­ri­ety, ____ chip Loose Pre­fix with Euro­pean Some­thing near Com­mu­nity reg­u­la­tion News­pa­per man, Black Jef­fer­son Davis's gp. Fed­eral health agency Spy org. Kett of the comics Rice List pre­ceder Nee­dle cases Global po­si­tion­ing meas. BBC ri­val Per­son, place, thing Stuff in a muf­fin First name of a chicken breed "Daph­nis et ___" (Ravel ballet) Gas that can be a health haz­ard French sum­mer Poet Hughes News channel Fine fabric

Drug units Long baths


Like Mars, ap­par­ently Very tax­ing agency, down south

Shoe des­ig­na­tion Waiter's ex­pec­ta­tion Some cam­eras: Abbr.

Mi­crosoft let­ters


___ good ex­am­ple Event be­fore fi­nals Noth­ing, in Nice

____ Per­rot, Que­bec En­dorsed

"And how!"



Wise guys?

Mis­chief maker

The Bea­tles' "___ Leav­ing Home"


Or­nate leaf, or a de­sign pat­terned af­ter it Es­ti­mates

Like some an­cient ruins Ve­su­vius neigh­bor Christ­mas helper? Colorado Na­tive Amer­i­can tribe

Sep­a­rate seed

Long stand­ing in­sur­ance com­pany Side­kick


Cafe­te­ria car­rier

Night school subj.

City in On­tario

Trial fig­ure

En­ergy source Sta­tis­ti­cal cal­cu­la­tion Lawyer: Abbr.

Sam­buca fla­vor­ing De­mand­ing de­mo­graphic seg­ment Purge

Post de­liv­ery: Abbr. Words of con­fi­dence Sea­weed gelatin

Broad bean

Faith Evans: "You

___ to love me"

Stat start

Cover Mesh-like

Killer whale Sul­tanate on the Gulf

List head­ing

City map abbr. Ush­ers

Love­joy of

The Simp­sons

Moon of Jupiter Those peo­ple's

Canal sites


Whiskey in­gre­di­ent '-- mat­ter of fact...' Just ducky

Mer­cury mea­sure What a movie pass al­lows

Search (through) Ro­man­tic and re­li­gious flower Breaks off


Writer, Deighton This ____ test HS course


Im­pose, as a tax "Silent Spring" subj. First class

Avian pan­demic Ves­sel for clean­ing your baby blues In­cep­tion

Wrestling equip­ment Beau­ti­ful, in Que­bec Car­ries on

Turn out Mont­gomery of jazz Seance sound Cur­rent choice Tan­gled

Chris­tensen of TV's "Par­ent­hood" Six-Day War site Looked lech­er­ously Leg con­nec­tor Bizarre

Tennis great, Arthur At­tacked like a scor­pion

Slow tempo

Make even deeper Nine-digit ID, down south

Soul sale re­lated Odds and ends ab­bre­vi­a­tion

French col­lag­ist

DiCaprio, to fans


365 days in old Rome Lo­cal en­tre­pre­neur­ial orgs. down south

Busi­ness de­gree

Eye, at the Eif­fel Tower Pre­fix with technology De­mo­li­tion com­pounds Pope of 1605

Fine fid­dle


Mil­i­tary rank, abbr. Fa­mous de Mille Paramedics, com­monly ''Cin­derella Man'' char­ac­ter Peach or ap­ple

Costa __ Sol

Fill the tank

Amounts on the ta­ble Airbag

Where ships come in

Econ. statis­tic

''Count of Monte

Cristo'' char­ac­ter

Fine din­ner cloth

Study of races and cus­toms

Boat lo­cale

Brisk movement

Shine, in ad-speak

Worked (up)

Mu­si­cal gift


Cen­tral Mex­i­can civ­i­liza­tion, once

"--- the sea­son to be jolly" Graph starter

Stretched out

Nar­row gorge

Like some buck­ets

French wa­ter­way

Small, legally

Bit of land


Que­be­cois pals


Build­ing ex­ten­sions

Barely man­age, with "out" "So's ___ old man!" Bil­liard game

Course se­lec­tions

West Coast NBAer Gard­ner of ''Show Boat'' Ner­vous one

Job for a plumber Po­lice sch. Tax-fil­ing pro

Pref. mean­ing fly­ing

Not happy

Galileo's birth­place Stor­age acro­nym Obi

Sub­ject with lots of prob­lems Ni­a­gara source French ar­ti­cle Dis­cus­sion Go astray

"Peer Gynt" com­poser

B.S., e.g.

7, on a phone


Shot, for short Close in on

Pen­sive pi­ano pieces

Fierce fish

Big name in sta­tionery

Sour note

180° turn, slangily Let­ters at

Camp Le­je­une

First wife of Ja­cob Cen­sor­ship-fight­ing org. down south Mile­stone

Re­ac­tor cen­ter Flood

De­creed Com­mu­niqué segue One who does not take things se­ri­ously Va­ca­tion spots Chi­nese for "path" Ba­sis

"___ gather" Pekoes, Earl

Gray, oo­long

On the job

___ flash


Or­ganic com­pound Ad­just

Holier ___ thou

"In & Out" star, 1997 Lacks, briefly Quoter

Small salmon Stew­pot

Cozy spot Global bank Way off the high­way The ob­ject at hand

Cost to cross Aerosol tar­get IV amounts Washington State's Sea___ Air­port Deli sand­wich Thor

Hey­er­dahl craft Back-and­forth curve

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