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Are you a Pa­tron?

What do Marie de France, the Medici fam­ily, and the Earl of Southamp­ton have in com­mon? They were all great pa­trons of the arts. With­out their sup­port the world would not have had the ro­mans of Chré­tien de Troyes, the art of Michelan­gelo, or the plays of Shake­speare.

The arts have al­ways re­quired pa­tron­age, whether in the form of deep-pock­eted in­di­vid­u­als or govern­ment sub­si­dies. Here at Pulp Lit­er­a­ture Press we re­ceive no govern­ment fund­ing, and sub­scrip­tions alone do not cover all our costs. We have funded the first eight is­sues of the mag­a­zine through two Kick­starter cam­paigns sup­ported by you, our loyal read­ers, sup­ple­mented

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