Pulp Literature - - Interview -

JJ Lee

Pulp Lit­er­a­ture: This is a scary story, JJ. We’re kinda hes­i­tant to ask this ques­tion, but what in­spired this tale?

JJ Lee: Neil Gaiman. I know I’m sup­posed to be all mys­te­ri­ous and dis­guise my in­flu­ences but I read his Sher­lock Holmes /Cthulhu mashup ‘A Study in Emer­ald’ and I wanted in on the game. Then there was Michael Moor­cock’s idea in The Eter­nal Cham­pion. His char­ac­ters El­ric and Graf Ulrich Von Bek are he­roes from dif­fer­ent di­men­sions and re­al­i­ties who over­lap and in­ter­act and I guess I wanted in on that ac­tion too. I re­ally like the idea of the hero who echoes through time the way Matt Wag­ner’s Kevin Match­stick does in Mage. Match­stick is a man­i­fes­ta­tion of Arthur. Just love that stuff. Who is to say Santa Claus is not one of them? So, yeah, I’m a pas­tiche-meis­ter and a thief.

PL: Why do you think read­ers and view­ers have such an abid­ing affin­ity for WWII sto­ries?

JJ: Nazis make an easy bad guy. Per­haps, it was the West’s last good war. Then again, when you look at the Cold War that arose from its ashes, it makes you won­der.

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