PuzzleLux - - Crossword - BY SOUP

So­lu­tions start with the let­ter pre­ced­ing the clue, and should be fit­ted into the grid jig­saw-wise, wher­ever they will go.

A: Top mark - it fol­lows copy (pok­ing fun) (4) B: Set out bits - you’d make an all-in-one (8) C: Re­strained, in­sert­ing dodgy tip - beware! (7) D: Half-per­suade the maker of the sphere (8) E: Need Prince’s of­fice when the leader’s gone (6) F: Légume verte: peut-être ‘être un’? (6,4) G: Strik­ing hang­ings put through the ma­chine (8) H: Host is fu­ri­ous, feed­ing fib to Queen (8) I: Fiery gin Sue mixed - put noth­ing in (7) J: Jane is va­cant, long of Ja­cob’s strain? (6) K: Think back about good journalist made Sir (8) L: Part’s de­scribed - it’s cov­ered o’er with fur? (4) M: Sweet lit­tle crea­ture go­ing round the bend (6) N: Tight door to nether shaft with ta­pered end (6) O: One’s deep - that’s due to ri­fle on the blink (10) P: Half-quench long-lost Yank’s first sappy drink (6) Q: Nau­sea’s sham, with drug im­plant on head (10) R: ‘Lead: ig­nore the queue’ - thus Spooner said (3,3,4) S: Those girls’ char­ac­ters when play­ing Mo­nop­oly (4,6) T: Makes mi­nor change to task we per­formed slop­pily (6) U: Bad cap­tain tuned out, top­less, with no link (8) V: Vicar shortly back­tracks, open­ing drink (8) W: Sink­ing’s dull (as kids say on the street) (4,6) X: See sexy dance out­side, in wood - it’s sweet (6) Y: Within its cy­cle, ptarmi­gan so called (6) Z: Sponges noisy group; con­tes­tant bawled (8)

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