NATO Re­leases New Readi­ness Ac­tion Plan

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At the NATO Wales Sum­mit in Septem­ber 2014, Al­lied lead­ers ap­proved a Readi­ness Ac­tion Plan to en­sure the Al­liance is ready to re­spond swiftly and firmly to new se­cu­rity chal­lenges. The plan pro­vides a com­pre­hen­sive pack­age of mea­sures to re­spond to the changes in the se­cu­rity en­vi­ron­ment in and near Europe. It re­sponds to the chal­lenges posed by Rus­sia. It also re­sponds to threats em­a­nat­ing from the Mid­dle East and North Africa.

"The Readi­ness Ac­tion Plan is the big­gest re­in­force­ment of our col­lec­tive de­fence since the end of the Cold War. And it is my top pri­or­ity to im­ple­ment this plan in full and on time." -– NATO Sec­re­tary Gen­eral Jens Stoltenberg, 20 Novem­ber 2014.

The Readi­ness Ac­tion Plan con­tains two pil­lars: As­sur­ance Mea­sures - in­creased mil­i­tary pres­ence and ac­tiv­ity for as­sur­ance and de­ter­rence. Adap­ta­tion Mea­sures - changes to the Al­liance's long-term mil­i­tary pos­ture and ca­pa­bil­i­ties.

As­sur­ance Mea­sures

As set out in the Wales Sum­mit Dec­la­ra­tion, as­sur­ance mea­sures in­clude the "con­tin­u­ous air, land, and mar­itime pres­ence and mil­i­tary ac­tiv­ity in the eastern part of the Al­liance... on a ro­ta­tional ba­sis". All 28 Al­lies con­trib­ute to the ef­fort. The mea­sures can be scaled up or down depend­ing on the se­cu­rity sit­u­a­tion.

As part of the As­sur­ance Mea­sure NATO has: • In­creased from four to eigh­teen the num­ber of fighter jets on air-polic­ing pa­trols over the Baltics. Canada, Ger­many, the Nether­lands and Por­tu­gal cur­rently pro­vide the planes. • Com­menced AWACS sur­veil­lance flights over Poland and Ro­ma­nia. • Sent more ships on pa­trol to the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Mediter­ranean. • De­ployed ground troops to the eastern parts of the Al­liance for train­ing and ex­er­cises, on a ro­ta­tional ba­sis. • Con­ducted over 200 NATO and na­tional ex­er­cises in Europe so far this year. Ma­jor ex­er­cises in­cluded: Black Ea­gle in Poland (20 Oct-5 Dec: 2,000 Bri­tish and Pol­ish troops), Stead­fast Javelin I in Es­to­nia (16-23 May: 6,000 troops from nine Al­lied coun­tries), Stead­fast Javelin II in the Baltics, Ger­many and Poland (2-8 Sept: 2,000 troops from ten Al­lied coun­tries), Iron Sword in Lithua­nia (2-14 Novem­ber: 2,280 troops from nine Al­lied coun­tries). • Sev­eral Al­lies have also sent ground and air forces to Eastern Europe for train­ing and ex­er­cises on a bi­lat­eral ba­sis. For ex­am­ple, the United States has de­ployed troops from the US Army's 1st Brigade Com­bat Team, 1st Cav­alry Di­vi­sion to Es­to­nia, Latvia, Lithua­nia and Poland with tanks, mech­a­nized ve­hi­cles, and other heavy mil­i­tary equip­ment.

Adap­ta­tion Mea­sures

Adap­ta­tion mea­sures will en­hance NATO's mil­i­tary pos­ture and readi­ness lev­els. They in­clude: • En­hanc­ing the NATO Re­sponse Force (NRF) to make it more re­spon­sive and ca­pa­ble. Its land com­po­nent will be restruc­tured to con­sist of a num­ber of force packages of land, air and see forces which can move at short no­tice in or­der to rapidly re­spond to threats. Taken to­gether, the NRF land forces could con­sti­tute up to a di­vi­sion size force. • As part of re­struc­tur­ing the NRF, the cre­ation of a new quick re­ac­tion "Spear­head Force" (Very High Readi­ness Joint Task Force) of sev­eral thou­sand ground troops sup­ported by air, mar­itime and spe­cial forces, able to deploy within a few days. NATO is work­ing to stand up the new force in early 2016. • En­hanc­ing NATO's Stand­ing Naval Forces with more ships and more types of ships. • The estab­lish­ment of a multi­na­tional NATO com­mand and con­trol pres­ence and re­cep­tion fa­cil­i­ties on the ter­ri­to­ries of the eastern Al­lies (Bul­garia, Es­to­nia, Latvia, Lithua­nia, Poland, Ro­ma­nia) at all times, with per­son­nel from Al­lies on a ro­ta­tional ba­sis, fo­cus­ing on plan­ning and ex­er­cis­ing col­lec­tive de­fence. • Rais­ing the readi­ness and ca­pa­bil­i­ties of the Head­quar­ters Multi­na­tional Corps North­east in Szczecin in Poland and en­hanc­ing its role as a hub for re­gional co­op­er­a­tion. • The pre-po­si­tion­ing of mil­i­tary equip­ment and sup­plies. • The im­prove­ment of NATO's abil­ity to re­in­force its eastern Al­lies through prepa­ra­tion of na­tional in­fra­struc­ture, such as air­fields and ports. • Updating de­fence plans for Eastern Europe. • More ex­er­cises fo­cused both on cri­sis man­age­ment and col­lec­tive de­fence.

NATO for­eign min­is­ters meet­ing, De­cem­ber 2, 2014.

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