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Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Trivia Quiz - BY PAUL PA­QUET

1. What’s the only song per­formed at the Euro­vi­sion Song Con­test that went on to win a Grammy?

2. What Os­car-win­ning 1995 film con­vinced its star, James Cromwell, to be­come a ve­gan?

3. Which ocean is sur­rounded by the mem­ber coun­tries of APEC?

4. Which Ro­man em­peror’s daugh­ter, Ju­lia, was ex­iled for break­ing her fa­ther’s stiff adul­tery law?

5. Mus­lim lore has it that Abra­ham’s home­town of Ur was in mod­ern­day Urfa, in which coun­try?

6. If you mul­ti­ply 4/3, pi and the cube of the ra­dius, you get the vol­ume of what geo­met­ric ob­ject?

7. Which coun­try had “Outer” in its name un­til 1924, to dis­tin­guish it from the “In­ner” one found in China?

8. What Aus­tralian mam­mal’s cube­shaped drop­pings al­low it to mark its ter­ri­tory over un­even sur­faces?

9. How many Spice Girls were there?

10. What Ir­ish ’80s pop star shaved her head, in part to make her­self less con­ven­tion­ally “pretty” in an in­dus­try known for ex­ploit­ing women?

11. In the film Pretty Woman, which ac­tor was im­pro­vis­ing when he snapped a jew­ellery case down on Ju­lia Roberts’s hand?

12. Half the English books he owned were about con­spir­acy the­o­ries. There were even some 9/11 truther texts, oddly. Who was he?

13. In an­cient Egypt, an­i­mals were mum­mi­fied. True or false?

14. Which coun­try put Al­bert Ein­stein on its five-lirot note in 1968?

15. Not to be con­fused with the Dar­win Awards,

the Dar­win Medal is a pres­ti­gious hon­our for what kind of sci­en­tists?

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