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1. em­u­la­tion—B: im­i­ta­tion; as, Mrs. Zachariah knew her young stu­dents would learn their man­ners by em­u­la­tion, so she was al­ways po­lite to them. 2. ne­far­i­ous—A: wicked and im­moral; as, The ne­far­i­ous art thief re­placed the Mona Lisa with a fake. 3. au­rif­er­ous—C: con­tain­ing gold; as, Many elec­tronic con­nec­tors are au­rif­er­ous be­cause gold is an ef­fi­cient con­duc­tor.

4. in­oc­u­late—C: in­ject with a weak form of a dis­ease for pro­tec­tion; as, Vol­un­teer doc­tors came to the re­mote vil­lage to in­oc­u­late the chil­dren.

5. ex­ul­ta­tion—A: tri­umphant re­joic­ing; as, Ri­hanna whooped with ex­ul­ta­tion when she re­al­ized she’d won the race.

6. oleagi­nous—A: ex­ag­ger­at­edly com­pli­men­tary; as, Martha’s oleagi­nous praise of the cus­tomer’s taste did not pro­duce a sale.

7. delu­sional—B: be­lieved de­spite ev­i­dence to the con­trary; as, John’s friends urged him to give up his delu­sional no­tion that Doreen was at­tracted to him af­ter she re­jected him for the third time.

8. eu­noia—A: good­will; as, In a flash of eu­noia, Louis-Fer­nand de­cided to drop his grudge against the next-door neigh­bour.

9. gelati­nous—C: vis­cous like jelly; as, Shuji’s first at­tempt at mak­ing gravy pro­duced a gelati­nous dis­as­ter. 10. flu­o­ri­date—C: add flu­o­rides; as, Many Cana­dian cities flu­o­ri­date their water to help fight cav­i­ties.

11. am­bidex­trous—A: able to use both hands equally well; as, The am­bidex­trous fencer deftly switched hands and scored the win­ning point. 12. ad­ven­ti­tious—C: by chance rather than by de­sign; as, Meet­ing his favourite au­thor at the book­store was ad­ven­ti­tious for Barat, since he’d had no idea she’d sched­uled a sign­ing there.

13. re­nun­ci­a­tion—B: act of re­fus­ing or giv­ing up; as, Anita de­clared her re­nun­ci­a­tion of potato chips to her friends in hopes they would hold her to it.

14. mus­ta­chioed—B: with a mous­tache; as, Her­cule Poirot is the fa­mous mus­ta­chioed sleuth cre­ated by Agatha Christie.

15. face­tiously—A: flip­pantly; as, Tranh face­tiously de­scribed his messy room as a form of self-ex­pres­sion, but his mother was not amused.

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