Chal­lenge your­self by solv­ing these puz­zles and mind stretch­ers, then check your an­swers on page 111.

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STAR SEARCH (Dif­fi­cult)

Place stars in seven cells of this grid so that ev­ery row, ev­ery col­umn and ev­ery out­lined re­gion con­tains ex­actly one star. Stars must never be lo­cated in ad­ja­cent cells, not even di­ag­o­nally. WIN OR LOSE (Mod­er­ately dif­fi­cult)

The Reds, the Golds, the Blues and the Blacks have a round-robin tour­na­ment wherein each team plays each other team once, for a to­tal of six games. The Blacks won more games than the Blues, and the Golds lost more games than the Blues. The Reds tied the Blacks, the only tie in the tour­na­ment (a tie counts as nei­ther a win nor a loss). Who won the game of the Reds ver­sus the Blues?



Hid­den in the ar­ray is a se­quence of seven con­sec­u­tive num­bers in a straight line. Can you find it? COUN­TER­FEIT CUBES (Mod­er­ately dif­fi­cult)

The lay­out for a cube has three sym­bols— , and

—on three of its sides, as shown. Which of the three op­tions at right rep­re­sents the as­sem­bled cube? ARITHME-PICK (Mod­er­ately dif­fi­cult)

Place one of the four ba­sic arith­metic op­er­a­tions (+,–, ×, ÷) in each box to make a cor­rect equa­tion. Sym­bols may be re­peated, and you don’t have to use all four. All op­er­a­tions are per­formed from left to right, ig­nor­ing the math­e­mat­i­cal or­der of op­er­a­tions. The re­sult at each step must be a pos­i­tive whole num­ber. What’s the equa­tion?

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