Word Power

Ob­jects come in all shapes and sizes, and so do the words we use to de­scribe them. What kind of shape is your vo­cab­u­lary in? Take this month’s quiz to find out.

Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Contents - BY ROB LUTES

1. cochleate—

A: sym­met­ri­cal. B: re­sem­bling corn. C: shaped like a snail shell.

2. aero­dy­namic—

A: kite-shaped.

B: with a shape that re­duces drag from air mov­ing past. C: struc­tured like a sound wave.

3. stel­late—

A: star-shaped. B: ici­cle-shaped. C: tri­an­gu­lar.

4. he­lix—

A: some­thing spi­ral in form.

B: some­thing in the shape of a foot­print. C: steeply in­clined.

5. asym­met­ri­cal— A: mul­ti­sided. B: cir­cu­lar. C: lop­sided. 6. fab­i­form—

A: bean-shaped. B: ideally formed for a spe­cific use. C: pre­cut for later assem­bly.

7. ob­long— A: flat. B: L-shaped. C: elon­gated.

8. cor­date—

A: long and cylin­dri­cal like a rope.

B: shaped like a heart. C: ridged.

9. ta­pered—

A: at a 45-de­gree an­gle. B: with mul­ti­ple lay­ers. C: nar­rower at one end.

10. toroidal—

A: pyra­mid-shaped. B: dough­nut-shaped. C: re­sem­bling a bull’s horns. 11. cor­ru­gated— A: bent into par­al­lel folds. B: boxy. C: hollow.

12. scu­ti­form— A: wispy. B: shield-shaped. C: sharp.

13. nav­ic­u­lar—

A: shaped like a wa­ter dro­plet. B: un­du­lat­ing.

C: with a boat-like form.

14. lozenge—

A: de­con­structed and flat­tened cube. B: some­thing di­a­mond-shaped. C: small cres­cent.

15. bul­bous—

A: fat and round. B: de­signed to fit on the hu­man head. C: shaped like a bul­let.

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