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Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Contents - BY PAUL PAQUET

1. In 2002, what now-dis­puted di­nosaur genus was named for the au­thor of Juras­sic Park?

2. What weather sys­tems are given hu­man names to avoid con­fus­ing one for an­other in me­te­o­ro­log­i­cal re­ports? 3. What caused the watch of a 59-year-old Ja­panese man named Kengo Nikawa to stop at ex­actly

8:15 a.m. on Au­gust 6, 1945?

4. Who wrote a me­moir called Out of Sync about his past ex­pe­ri­ences as a teen heart­throb, a clos­eted gay man and an as­tro­naut trainee? 5. For re­search, screen­writer Bill Broyles Jr. lived alone on an is­land be­fore script­ing what 2000 flick? 6. What sci-fi movie char­ac­ter first met his sis­ter when she was be­ing held in de­ten­tion block AA23? 7. Ikea names its so­fas for places in which coun­try? 8. Tourists in Oslo can visit a look­out on Eke­berg Hill that is be­lieved to have been de­picted in what paint­ing? 9. Who re­port­edly wrote the novel Can­dide with the help of 40 to 50 cups of cof­fee per day?

10. Pan­thera onca bites its prey’s head and chews into the brain. What’s its com­mon name?

11. Which spicy Chi­nese cui­sine is from the south­west part of the coun­try, par­tic­u­larly Chengdu?

12. Which coun­try has pro­duced 24 No­bel Prize win­ners, more than any other Asian na­tion? 13. Which movie star was such a fan of the Leg­end of Zelda video game fran­chise that he named his daugh­ter Zelda?

14. Canada oc­cu­pied which coun­try dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, to keep it out of Nazi hands?

15. Which coun­try’s cap­i­tal is named for a kind of an­te­lope called an im­pala?

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