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EQ-5D is…

A. a gene that con­trib­utes to


B. an emo­tional-in­tel­li­gence test. C. an ac­tive com­pound in fer­til­ity med­i­ca­tions.

D. a sur­vey for mea­sur­ing healthre­lated qual­ity of life.

An­swer: D. The EQ-5D is a stan­dard­ized, in­ter­na­tional ques­tion­naire used for mea­sur­ing gen­eral health and qual­ity of life. It spans five di­men­sions: mo­bil­ity, usual ac­tiv­i­ties, pain/dis­com­fort, self­care and anx­i­ety/de­pres­sion.

The ques­tion­naire can be used in re­search to find out how a given fac­tor—a med­i­cal con­di­tion or a new treat­ment, for in­stance— af­fects health sta­tus.

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