Let’s talk about vagi­nal dry­ness

The truth is, there’s noth­ing un­nat­u­ral about it. Vagi­nal dry­ness is com­mon and to­tally man­age­able. There are sim­ple so­lu­tions to help you re­plen­ish vagi­nal mois­ture and be more com­fort­able.

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Vagi­nal dry­ness is com­mon.

Al­most ev­ery woman will ex­pe­ri­ence vagi­nal dry­ness some­time in her life. About half of menopausal women re­port hav­ing dry­ness. It can also hap­pen to women who have just had a baby or are breast­feed­ing. Some can­cer treat­ments can even cause vagi­nal dry­ness.

It af­fects more than a woman’s sex life.

Over one-third of women are just too em­bar­rassed to dis­cuss vagi­nal dry­ness and don’t treat it.1 This can put a strain on in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships and have a neg­a­tive im­pact on a woman’s qual­ity of life. In ad­di­tion to painful in­ter­course, for some women vagi­nal dry­ness can also cause itch­ing, burn­ing, odor­ous dis­charge, and painful or dif­fi­cult uri­na­tion. That’s no way to live.

What causes vagi­nal dry­ness?

Vagi­nal dry­ness is most of­ten associated with the nor­mal de­cline or fluc­tu­a­tion of the fe­male hor­mone es­tro­gen. This fluc­tu­a­tion can be trig­gered by childbirth, breast­feed­ing, or menopause. Dry­ness can also be caused by tak­ing cer­tain med­i­ca­tions, ex­er­cis­ing in­ten­sively, or be­ing un­der stress. It is also com­mon to ex­pe­ri­ence vagi­nal dry­ness when douch­ing, us­ing tam­pons, or at the end of the men­strual cy­cle.

Lu­bri­cants and mois­tur­iz­ers are dif­fer­ent.

Vagi­nal lu­bri­cants are ap­plied to the vagina and vulva to help re­duce fric­tion and im­me­di­ate ir­ri­ta­tion dur­ing sex. They pro­vide tem­po­rary relief from dry­ness and are not ab­sorbed into the skin. Vagi­nal mois­tur­iz­ers, on the other hand, are ap­plied reg­u­larly and cling to the vagi­nal lin­ing to help main­tain mois­ture.

Re­plen­ish mois­ture with Re­plens™.

Re­plens™ Long-Last­ing Vagi­nal Mois­tur­izer pro­vides sooth­ing mois­ture that lasts for up to 3 days. It’s dif­fer­ent from most other prod­ucts be­cause it con­tains poly­car­bophil, which al­lows it to at­tach to dry cells and de­liver con­tin­u­ous mois­ture. Ap­ply ev­ery 3 days to help al­le­vi­ate the dis­com­fort associated with vagi­nal dry­ness. For an en­hanced, nat­u­ral feel­ing, ap­ply a lit­tle

Re­plens™ Silky Smooth Per­sonal Lu­bri­cant prior to or dur­ing sex. This pre­mium, sil­i­conebased for­mula of­fers a soft and silky lu­bri­ca­tion for con­tin­u­ous plea­sure. It is free of parabens, per­fume, and dyes. And it’s com­pat­i­ble with nat­u­ral rub­ber la­tex, poly­iso­prene, and polyurethane con­doms.

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