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1. Which Ital­ian city ran a repub­lic that lasted from 697 to 1797 AD?

2. What’s the largest an­i­mal species alive to­day that has teeth?

3. Buprenor­phine is con­sid­ered a safer re­place­ment for what drug?

4. Which long-stand­ing Euro­pean bor­der is known in lo­cal lan­guages as “La Raya” and “A Raia” (“The Line”)? 5. In what band did Bey­oncé sing be­fore be­com­ing a solo act?

6. In 2015, a tourist cre­ated an in­ter­na­tional up­roar when he shot Ce­cil in Zim­babwe. What was Ce­cil?

7. A type of can­cer called mesothe­lioma is nearly al­ways caused by ex­po­sure to what sub­stance? 8. Ac­cord­ing to past Amer­i­can Supreme Court jus­tice Oliver Wen­dell Holmes, Jr., what’s the fee we pay for a civ­i­lized so­ci­ety?

9. What hor­ror nov­el­ist ded­i­cated his book The Dark Half to “the late Richard Bach­man,” in hon­our of a re­cently ex­posed pen name he’d been us­ing?

10. Who was called the “grand­mother of Europe” be­cause her nine chil­dren and 42 grand­chil­dren mar­ried into royal houses all over the con­ti­nent?

11. What Dutch artist painted— among other things—an as­tronomer and a girl with a pearl ear­ring?

12. In ar­chi­tec­ture, what is the term for a ver­ti­cal struc­ture that pro­vides ven­ti­la­tion to a build­ing?

13. Amer­i­can rev­o­lu­tion­ar­ies once dumped enough tea for 18.5 mil­lion tea bags into what city’s har­bour?

14. Pau Ga­sol, a na­tive of which coun­try, was the first Euro­pean player named the NBA’s rookie of the year?

15. Money raised through an ice-bucket chal­lenge helped sci­en­tists dis­cover a gene that might be con­nected

with what dis­ease?

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