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Dis­agree­able to the ear. Grat­ing. Th­ese are just a cou­ple of ways to de­scribe this month’s quiz, which fea­tures some of the worst-sound­ing words in Eng­lish. Warn­ing: Do not read aloud.

Reader's Digest (Canada) - - Contents - BY ROB LUTES

1. lugubri­ous—

A: slow mov­ing. B: ex­ag­ger­at­edly mourn­ful. C: bor­ing.

2. pu­trid—

A: rude. B: oily. C: foul.

3. ca­coph­ony—

A: dis­cor­dant mix­ture of sounds. B: shoddy wooden struc­ture. C: il­log­i­cal se­ries of state­ments.

4. vis­cous—

A: poi­sonous. B: sticky. C: in­sult­ing. 5. jowl—

A: bog in a val­ley. B: lower part of the cheek. C: shal­low bur­row.

6. mag­got—

A: soft-bod­ied, leg­less grub. B: threaded wooden bolt. C: in­den­ta­tion.

7. cre­pus­cu­lar—

A: in­fected. B: re­lat­ing to twi­light. C: im­pos­ing.

8. wim­ple—

A: cry of pain. B: com­plaint.

C: cloth head­dress.

9. fes­ter—

A: get worse through ne­glect. B: evap­o­rate slowly. C: col­lapse.

10. squab—

A: sofa. B: ditch. C: tent.

11. fe­cund—

A: friendly. B: fruit­ful. C: soft.

12. curd—

A: fe­male yak.

B: fra­grant herb for in­fus­ing vodka.

C: thick sub­stance that forms when milk sours.

13. seep­age—

A: slow es­cape of a liq­uid or gas through porous ma­te­rial.

B: loss of mus­cle due to in­ac­tion.

C: dis­ori­en­ta­tion caused by a lack of sleep.

14. gris­tle—

A: tough, fi­brous mat­ter in meats. B: sand used in glass-mak­ing. C: abra­sive wool.

15. cra­pu­lous—

A: soiled. B: overly in­dul­gent in al­co­hol. C: dis­be­liev­ing.

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