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1. lugubri­ous—[B] ex­ag­ger­at­edly mourn­ful; as, The book’s lugubri­ous prose filled Bob with sad­ness.

2. pu­trid—[C] foul; as, The rot­ting meat had a pu­trid smell.

3. ca­coph­ony—[A] dis­cor­dant mix­ture of sounds; as, The ca­coph­ony in the hall was so great that Tarik re­moved his hear­ing aid.

4. vis­cous—[B] sticky; as, Five min­utes on the stove ren­dered the oat­meal vis­cous and ready to eat for break­fast.

5. jowl—[B] lower part of the cheek; as, Roland’s jowls be­came the most prom­i­nent fea­ture of his face as he got older.

6. mag­got—[A] soft-bod­ied, leg­less grub; as, The young girl was fas­ci­nated to find hun­dreds of mag­gots crawl­ing on the deer car­cass.

7. cre­pus­cu­lar—[B] re­lat­ing to twi­light; as, The evening hori­zon held a cre­pus­cu­lar beauty that made Farida long for home.

8. wim­ple—[C] cloth head­dress; as, Mona pa­tiently ex­plained that not all nuns wear a wim­ple and that her own or­der merely called for ty­ing the hair back. 9. fes­ter—[A] get worse through ne­glect; as, Ali­son al­lowed her mild an­noy­ance at Caleb to fes­ter un­til she be­came an­gry.

10. squab—[A] sofa; as, Ex­hausted, Anu stretched out on the squab and took a short nap.

11. fe­cund—[B] fruit­ful; as, The land­scape was fe­cund with trees and berry bushes.

12. curd—[C] thick sub­stance that forms when milk sours; as, Pou­tine is made us­ing fries, gravy and cheese curds.

13. seep­age—[A] slow es­cape of a liq­uid or gas through porous ma­te­rial; as, When the old tank cracked, there was sub­stan­tial seep­age of oil into the gar­den.

14. gris­tle—[A] tough, fi­brous mat­ter in meats; as, Caren trimmed the gris­tle from the steaks be­fore put­ting them on the grill.

15. cra­pu­lous—[B] overly in­dul­gent in al­co­hol; as, The cra­pu­lous trio of friends stum­bled down the street to find an­other bar.

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