New Arthri­tis Painkiller Works on Con­tact and Numbs Pain in Min­utes

New cream works faster and is more tar­geted than oral med­i­ca­tions; key in­gre­di­ents pen­e­trate the skin within min­utes to re­lieve arthri­tis, joint, and mus­cle pain; users re­port sig­nif­i­cant and im­me­di­ate re­lief

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TORONTO – Ex­pec­ta­tions are high for a new break­through in arthri­tis pain re­lief. But un­like the ma­jor­ity, it comes in the form of a cream, not a pill. And users say the dif­fer­ence has been ex­tra­or­di­nary.

Sold un­der the brand name Apeaz™, the new pain re­lief cream numbs the nerves right below the skin.

When ap­plied to an arthritic joint, or a painful area on the body, it de­liv­ers im­me­di­ate re­lief that lasts for hours and hours.

The pow­er­ful painkilling ef­fect is cre­ated by the cream’s ac­tive in­gre­di­ents, a pow­er­ful anes­thetic drug.

Anes­thet­ics block nerve sig­nals from the brain so that pa­tients don’t feel pain. They are in­cred­i­bly ef­fec­tive.

The cream form al­lows users to di­rectly tar­get their pain. It works where it’s ap­plied. “Users can ex­pect to start feel­ing re­lief im­me­di­ately af­ter ap­ply­ing,” ex­plains Dr. Henry Es­ber, cre­ator of Apeaz™.

“There will be a pleas­ant warm­ing sen­sa­tion that is fol­lowed by a cool, sooth­ing one. This is how you know that the ac­tive in­gre­di­ents have reached the af­fected joint and tis­sue.”

Works In Min­utes

For arthri­tis suf­fers, Apeaz™ of­fers impressive ad­van­tages over tra­di­tional med­i­ca­tions. The most re­mark­able is how quickly it re­lieves pain.

The cream con­tains the max­i­mum ap­proved dose of a top anes­thetic, which pen­e­trates the skin in a mat­ter of min­utes to numb the area that’s in pain. This re­lief lasts for sev­eral hours. Pub­lished pre-clin­i­cal an­i­mal stud­ies have shown that the in­gre­di­ents in Apeaz™ can also pre­vent fur­ther bone and car­ti­lage de­struc­tion.

There are also no neg­a­tive side ef­fects as seen with oral med­i­ca­tions. Apeaz™ de­liv­ers its in­gre­di­ents through the skin. Oral med­i­ca­tions are ab­sorbed in the di­ges­tive tract. Over time, the chem­i­cals in pills can tear the del­i­cate lin­ing of the stom­ach, caus­ing ul­cers and bleed­ing.

There are also tremen­dous sav­ings when switch­ing over to a top­i­cal like

Apeaz™. When com­pared to other arthri­tis med­i­ca­tions, Apeaz™ is a frac­tion of the cost. At less than $2 a day, the cream quickly is be­com­ing a house­hold name.

Those with ter­ri­ble arthri­tis in their hands and fin­gers, love how easy Apeaz™ is to open. The jar fits in the palm of the hand, which makes it much eas­ier to use.

Rapid Re­lief With­out

a Pre­scrip­tion

Many Apeaz™ users re­port sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments in daily aches and pain. Many more re­port in­creased flex­i­bil­ity, less stiff­ness, and de­creased mus­cle sore­ness. They are mov­ing with less pain for the first time in years. “I’ve tried more pills than I can count. I’ve also had a hand­ful of cor­ti­sone shots. Noth­ing is as ef­fec­tive as this prod­uct. With Apeaz™, I get re­lief right away. I rub a lit­tle on my hands. It keeps the pain away. It also pre­vents the pain from get­ting re­ally bad. It’s com­pletely changed my life,” raves one user.

The amaz­ing anes­thetic found in Apeaz™ is the strong­est avail­able with­out a pre­scrip­tion.

A New Break­through

for Arthri­tis

Apeaz™ con­tains the high­est, non­pre­scrip­tion dose of a med­i­cal com­pound that fights pain on con­tact. When ap­plied to the skin it goes to work within min­utes by pen­e­trat­ing right to the source of your pain, numb­ing the nerve end­ings.

“This is why Apeaz™ is so ef­fec­tive for peo­ple with arthri­tis pain. It re­duces pain while adding an ad­di­tional po­ten­tial layer of joint sup­port,” ex­plains Es­ber.

A Bet­ter Way to Treat Pain

A pre-clin­i­cal trial on Apeaz™ was car­ried out by Dr. Es­ber and his re­search staff shortly af­ter its ini­tial pro­duc­tion.

The re­sults were pub­lished in in the Jour­nal of Im­munol­ogy.

The study found that Apeaz™ in­duced an in­stant numb­ing ef­fect, which blocked pain for sev­eral hours.

It was also shown to de­crease swelling and in­flam­ma­tion. “One of the most impressive things about the study was the var­i­ous ways Apeaz™ was able to in­flu­ence lev­els of pain. Many painkillers, and even creams, sim­ply mask your pain.

Apeaz™ is dif­fer­ent. Since it is ab­sorbed through the skin it de­liv­ers rapid re­lief di­rectly to in­fected arthritic tis­sue” ex­plains Es­ber.

A Pow­er­ful Weapon for Arthri­tis and Joint Pain

With daily use, Apeaz™ helps users live a more vi­tal, pain free life with­out any of the neg­a­tive side ef­fects or in­ter­ac­tions as­so­ci­ated with oral drugs.

Through the use of a pow­er­ful anes­thetic drug, Apeaz™ is able to numb pain at the source, specif­i­cally around joints plagued by arthri­tis.

How to Get Apeaz™ in Canada

This is the of­fi­cial pub­lic re­lease of Apeaz™.

As such, the com­pany is of­fer­ing a spe­cial dis­counted sup­ply to any suf­ferer who calls within the next 48 hours.

A spe­cial hot­line num­ber and dis­counted pric­ing has been cre­ated for all Cana­dian res­i­dents.

Dis­counts will be avail­able start­ing to­day at 6:00AM and will au­to­mat­i­cally be ap­plied to all call­ers.

Your Toll-Free hot­line num­ber is 1-800-871-8735 and will only be open for the next 48 hours. Only a lim­ited dis­counted sup­ply of Apeaz™ is cur­rently avail­able in your re­gion.

Con­sumers who miss out on our cur­rent prod­uct in­ven­tory will have to wait un­til more be­comes avail­able and that could take weeks. Ex­pe­ri­ence the guar­an­teed

Apeaz™ re­lief al­ready en­joyed by thou­sands of con­sumers. The com­pany ad­vises not to wait. Call 1-800-871-8735 to­day.

NEW PAIN RE­LIEF DRUG WORKS ON CON­TACT:Apeaz de­liv­ers its ac­tive in­gre­di­ent, a pow­er­ful painkiller, through the skin, pro­vid­ing users with rapid re­lief with­out oral drug side ef­fects

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