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The words in this month’s quiz come from the book Fa­vorite Words of Fa­mous Peo­ple by Lewis Burke Frumkes. Turn the page for an­swers—and

to see which no­table names picked these terms for top billing. 1. plan­gent ('plan-jent) adj.—

A: flex­i­ble. B: very loud. C: care­fully de­tailed.

2. ruckus ('ruh-kuhs) n.— A: back­pack. B: melee. C: dry gully.

3. ver­mil­ion (ver-'mil-yun) n.—

A: ten-fig­ure num­ber. B: moth larva. C: bright red.

4. chthonic ('thah-nik) adj.—

A: of the un­der­world. B: frozen solid. C: hav­ing sharp claws.

5. gorm­less ('gorm-les) adj.— A: non­flow­er­ing. B: lack­ing firm shape. C: stupid.

6. in­ter­sti­tial (ihn-ter-'stih-shuhl) adj.—A: be­yond our so­lar sys­tem. B: in the spa­ces be­tween. C: joined by stitches.

7. uni­lat­eral (yoo-nih-'la-tuh-ruhl) adj.—A: one-sided. B: in al­liance with. C: flat.

8. palimpsest ('pa-lehmp-sehst) n.—A: spot­ted pony. B: leg brace. C: writ­ten-over doc­u­ment.

9. be­guil­ing (bih-'guy-ling) adj.— A: twisted to­gether. B: com­ple­men­tary. C: clev­erly de­cep­tive.

10. lam­bent ('lam-buhnt) adj.— A: eas­ily dis­solved. B: sub­mis­sive. C: lu­mi­nous.

11. in­car­na­dine (ihn-'kar-nuh-dine) adj.—A: flesh-col­ored. B: re­born. C: not di­gestible.

12. phos­pho­res­cent (fos-fuh-'rehsent) adj.—A: of ocean depths. B: glit­ter­ing. C: soapy.

13. ram­shackle ('ram-sha-kuhl) adj.—A: barn­like. B: rick­ety-look­ing. C: falsely im­pris­oned.

14. pix­i­lated (pick-suh-'lay-ted) adj.—A: grainy or blurry. B: elfin. C: men­tally un­bal­anced.

15. qua ('kwah) prep.—A: in the ca­pac­ity of. B: start­ing from. C: in the im­me­di­ate neigh­bor­hood of.

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