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Ryan Shuck and Kenny Smith went into the wheel­house with the third group. They saw the fish­mas­ter, a Ja­panese na­tional named Satoshi Konno, star­ing at the sonar. The fish­mas­ter’s job is to find fish, tell the cap­tain where he thinks they are swim­ming. He does not, of­fi­cially, yield any author­ity on­board. But he tells the cap­tain where to go, and how fast.

Konno had his suit only half on. He ap­peared calm, as if he un­der­stood the pro­ce­dures. But Ryan thought he looked like a man who was wait­ing to die. Per­haps he wor­ried that this was all his fault.

Kenny and Ryan stayed in the wheel­house for five min­utes, then started out the door, when the Ranger lurched hard. It jerked and twisted, top­pled 45 de­grees to star­board, and threw Ryan against the rail. He thought she’d right her­self, like she al­ways did, but she stayed over. The engines had switched into re­verse. The Ranger was run­ning back­ward, driv­ing her stern into the waves.

On the bow, guys started yelling for the life rafts to be de­ployed. There

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