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White­caps slapped at Ryan Shuck’s face, and wa­ter sloshed through the leaky seal of his suit. He turned his back to the waves and drifted, rid­ing the ocean. From the top of a swell, he saw a clus­ter of strobes. He started swim­ming, but when he crested another wave there was noth­ing in front of him but dark wa­ter.

He gave up swim­ming, rested, floated, let the sea carry him. He wanted to pray, but got bel­liger­ent in­stead. “All right, God,” he said. “You’ve got one hour to come and get me, then I’m just un­zip­ping this suit and get­ting it over with.”

Then he saw the lights of the Jay­hawk. It was com­ing his way. It stopped near him, a cou­ple dozen yards down­wind, and Ryan watched a man winch down on a ca­ble, hit the wa­ter, swim to­ward him.

“Can you put your arms down at your sides?” O’Brien Starr-Hol­low asked.

Less than a minute later, Ryan was strapped to Starr-Hol­low. The winch ca­ble tight­ened, lifted both men out of

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