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Reader's Digest International - - Brainteasers - BY PAUL PAQUET

1. In 1971, Alan Shep­ard struck a golf ball that went for “miles and miles and miles.” Where was he?

2. Ac­cord­ing to leg­end, or­ange car­rots were first bred to hon­our the in­de­pen­dence of which Eu­ro­pean coun­try?

3. What movie’s sound­track was the best­selling al­bum world­wide in 2014?

4. Which or­gan makes up only two per cent of your body’s weight but re­quires a fifth of its en­ergy?

5. Who was the first per­son to fly solo non-stop across the At­lantic?

6. The hu­man-rights lawyer Amal Clooney is known for be­ing mar­ried to Ge­orge Clooney, but also for rep­re­sent­ing which for­mer Ukrainian prime min­is­ter?

7. Which coun­try’s Qas­sim Univer­sity hosted a 2012 con­fer­ence about women in so­ci­ety—with no women in sight? 8. De­spite gain­ing fame for writ­ing about Ire­land, what au­thor never set foot in that coun­try again af­ter age 30?

9. What web­site redesigned its logo in 2012 to look like a “moun­tain blue­bird with a dash of hum­ming­bird”?

10. Who turned out to be wrong when she pre­dicted, “Later on, nei­ther I nor any­one else will be in­ter­ested in the musings of a 13-year-old school­girl”?

11. The Brick Tes­ta­ment is a web­site that il­lus­trates the Bi­ble (gore, sex and all) in what un­usual medium?

12. What an­i­mal’s sci­en­tific name, Ail­uropoda melanoleuca, means

“black-and-white cat foot?”

13. What ac­tor re­ceived Os­car nom­i­na­tions for both Amer­i­can Hus­tle and Amer­i­can Sniper?

14. Which Ro­man em­peror won an Olympic char­iot race even though he fell out of the char­iot?

15. Which struc­ture was erected closer to the time of Cleopa­tra: the Great Pyra­mid

of Giza or the pyra­mid­shaped Luxor casino-ho­tel

in Las Ve­gas?

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